16 weeks!

I got up a little late but I did everything that I was supposed to.

Breakfast was “oatmeal” with dates since I forgot to soak raisins last night. I also had a kiwi and a nectarine.

I ate my watermelon outside. I had a full staff today so I didn’t have to stay in the office to back people up.

My date order came and I was really impressed with the quality of the fruit. They are delicious, too. Much better than any I’ve had before. Several people came in and sampled them. Several made copies of the price list and they want to get together and order some. I figure they are my “side of beef” for the winter.

Lunch was out at the picnic table again and the weather was nicer today than it has been and that’s saying a lot. It was very pleasant and just the three of us. The food left much to be desired. One of the Crew had a plain sandwich with some kind of meat on it and chips and the other one got her meal from the cafeteria. There’s nothing good that can be said about that. We need the Pillar back to keep them in line. I, on the other hand, (ahem!) had a large salad of romaine, Boston, spinach, tomatoes, onion, and lime juice. I also had some celery sticks with Mock Salmon Pate. YUMMY!

On the way home, I stopped at the local supermarket and got some ripe bananas for 10 cents a lub. They should do me for awhile. I also stopped at the veggie stand and the owner told me that he had talked to the tomato grower and they’ll watch the weather and pick the green tomatoes just before frost so they have the longest possible time to grow. If I’m gone, he’ll put them in the cooler at 55 degrees and hold them for me until I get back.

I went to Farmer John’s to see if they had any more watermelon but they’d all been sold. So much for that. I got some peaches and promised to take them some plastic grocery bags when I’m over that way again.

I fueled up the car and it was a pleasant surprise–down 20 cents a gallon from the last time I was there.

It was tomato time when I got home. I’d dropped a bag of tomatoes and just knew that I’d killed them all but there were just two that needed to be eaten. I put three more with them and had a feast.

Later, I butchered a mango and ate a little, then decided to throw it into the blender with some bananas and blueberries. The mangos just aren’t too exciting this time of year. I’d bought a prickly pear recently and let it sit on the counter and begin to go bad. I peeled it and was going to get the seeds out but it isn’t too good just plain. I used to make prickly pear jelly and it was delicious. I’m going to put it on the compost pile and see if it will grow cacti.

It looks like I just might get to bed on time tonight if I’m not careful.

Calories were 1750 with 9% fat and 7% protein.

Happy Sabbath to one and all!

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