Now it’s late at night and I’m obviously still up.

My daughter and I hadn’t talked in a couple of weeks so we had a good long visit and got caught up.

Breakfast was a nectarine, a kiwi, and a banana/orange juice smoothie. After my visit with my daughter, I had a large bowl of so-so watermelon.

Since it was getting late to be eating a veggie meal and still have time for another fruit meal (I try to have at least four hours between a veggie meal and the next meal) I switched the order and had another fruit meal of a couple of medjools and a banana/orange juice/blueberry smoothie.

Some time later, I had a bowl of tomatoes and then mixed up some spinach soup. I got a little wild with the sea salt and wasn’t able to stomach more than half of it. I threw the rest away. Can’t bat a thousand all the time. I also had some corn chips, salsa, and some of Matt’s dip. I was still wanting something so I ate some not really raw cashews. I’d had my daughter-in-law pick these up for me and I think she got the ones that have been roasted. That makes them even more than not really raw. That makes them not raw for sure. Guess I should do my own shopping from now on.

I ate so much that I’m a little on the miserable side, stomach-wise. That is unusual these days and not a feeling I like.

Calorie count was over 1700 with a whopping 17% fat and 8% protein.

I measured this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’ve lost another inch and a half for a total of 14.5 overall.

Better get to bed! Tomorrow is a “school day”.

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