It’s late in the morning and I’m still working on breakfast. Sundays are more laid back here.

I did my vision therapy and other exercises after getting up after 8. My computer decided to give me the Blue Screen of Death so I didn’t have my Quiet Time until a little while ago.

I’ll report on my food later. This post is some tips and tricks I have learned since doing my Vision for Life routine for the past couple of months. My sister still hasn’t answered the message I sent to her about the program. She’s sent me forwards but I don’t count them.

#1. Get a good timer. The one I have is from FlyLady and, at almost $18 it might seem a little pricey but I’ve had mine for several years and it works like a charm. It takes one AAA battery that I’ve had to replace once in all that time.

#2. READ THE BOOK. That seems almost comical to include but the more you understand about what you are doing, the better.

#3. Practice the components of each routine before you do them as part of the exercise and get what you are supposed to do down pat.

#4. The eyepatch–I don’t strap it on unless I am going to be wearing it while I work around the house (my left eye is my lazy eye). I hold it over each eye with my free hand since that is much more comfortable and I’m able to shut out the light from the covered eye completely.


I fold my washcloth this way because it puts most of the thicknesses over my eyes and not the bridge of my nose and is more comfortable.

#5. Nuke the folded warm wet washcloth in the microwave for a few seconds (mine takes 18 to warm it up nicely) to keep it warm longer. Be careful! The skin on the eyelids is very thin and can burn easily. It might take less time in another microwave. When I was on vacation, it only took 15 seconds.

#6. This isn’t in the book and I won’t say that anyone else should do it but I exercise my “lazy” eye a little more than the other one. For instance, when the exercise calls for using the eyepatch, I start with the “lazy” eye and do it as it says to, then after I exercise my good eye, I exercise the “lazy” eye for half as long again.

#7. Conserving electricity isn’t something you want to do during this 30 minutes a day. Have plenty of light. I turn on the lights in every room that I’m using. I put the eye chart on my computer in the kitchen and put my chair ‘way back in the dining room to do the ones that use the eye chart. That involves having the lights on in the living room, dining room, hallway, and kitchen.

#8. String beads requires contrast. My countertop is dark green which makes it hard to see them so I put a sheet of copy paper on the counter.

#9. Keep the parts of the kit in the plastic pouch that they came in. Put the string beads in the little plastic baggie where the eyepatch lives. When I was away from home once, I had the string beads loose in the pouch and it came out with something else. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I tied knots in my hair dryer cord and used that. My granddaughter found them on the living room floor. That’s why I keep it where I know it will be safe.

#10. Be consistent and do the exercises every day. I haven’t missed a day with mine in two months. I might have to cut out other things in the morning to keep from being late for work but there are two things I do not miss. Those are my devotions and my vision therapy.

#11. Don’t be surprised if you have pain in your scalp after starting the exercises. One day, I had a terrible headache but, when I massaged around my eyes and my temples, it went away. It was muscle tension from using muscles that had been dormant for years.

My daughter called and left voice mail so I’d better get off here and call her back.

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