My first day back on my regular routine

My first day back on my regular routine went well. I got up shortly after the alarm alarmed. I had time to do my vision therapy (I haven’t missed a day) and my physical exercises (wish I could say the same about them).

Breakfast was some medjool dates and a banana/orange juice smoothie. I ran out of time and had to finish the smoothie on the way to work.

I was greeted like the long lost something-or-other and was told over and over that I had been missed.

It was raining today so I had my watermelon and honeydew in the break room. One of the aides joined me and we had a good talk. She is borderline diabetic and is having to watch what she eats. She had some peanut butter and crackers which, to me, isn’t very good food for a diabetic. The peanut butter is the kind that has hydrogenated oil which makes it sort of like a peanut flavored margarine. I can’t make other people eat right. The only person I can make do anything is me and I fail there, sometimes.

At mealtime the break room was so crowded that I ate my lunch in my office. I had a huge salad of romaine, Boston, onion (I got some really good sweet ones at Wal*Mart), avocado, and lime juice. I forgot my tomato.

When I got home, I made up for lost time with a large bowl of tomatoes. I made some apple sauce with one large Jonagold and had that later. Later still, I had a banana/blueberry smoothie.

I had been trying to get in touch with The Date People all day and finally got a voice mail message. I called them back and got a very nice lady who advised me about what they have at the moment and said they could ship something out on Monday. I gave her my order for a variety wet pack and some bulk medjools. They send out orders with an invoice and then I’m to send them a check or money order. That’s an unusual way to do business any more. I had my credit card out but I didn’t need to use it. She said they’d tried to get in touch with me a week ago. I told her that I had been to Florida on vacation. Turns out that she is originally from Cocoa Beach. I told her that my sister (my oldest) used to live there. It’s a small world. The Date People used to have organic certification but it got so expensive, they let it drop. They still grow their dates that way but it isn’t official any more. I have heard nothing but good things about them. Their dates are very reasonable and they only charge what it costs for shipping. They can be reached at (760)359-3211.

My calories added up to 1600 with 13% fat and 6% protein.

I’m trying to get to bed earlier every night. I slept better last night–in my own bed–than I have for a week and a half.

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