This is the last day of vacation. Tomorrow, we go back to Tennessee and then I go on home on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, it’s back to the Salt Mines.

Breakfast was a banana/date smoothie. After that had time to settle, I drank the coconut milk I had stowed in the fridge.

We set out for Disney Quest along about 11 and got there right when it opened. We went around and around in there–it’s five floors of arcade games. There are eating places scattered throughout, too. I had taken my usual dates and this time I had a small container of sunflower seeds.

My son was in hog heaven with all the games and the rest of us played some, too.

It was time to eat (the others had had a snack earlier) so we went out to Downtown Disney. The first place to catch my eye was Wolfgang Puck. The dining room wouldn’t open until 6 but the cafe was open for business. I was seated and the waiter came to take my order. We talked it over and he suggested their largest salad sans bleu cheese, eggs, and bacon. He said he would get fresh squeezed lime juice for me. Someone else brought the salad out and I was disappointed to find bleu cheese sprinkled down the middle on top. I felt like I could live with picking it off and eating the salad anyway when the waiter came up and saw what I was doing. He was distressed and took it back and had a fresh one made. It was very good and possibly the prettiest one I’ve had here. It was a bed of mixed greens (romaine, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and spinach), cherry tomatoes, finely diced green beans (I thought they were green onions at first), and avocado slices. The lime juice was in two little dressing containers. The waiter told me that they have some very good focaccia but it contains egg. I told him I don’t eat baked goods, anyway, but I was glad that he was looking out for me. I had water without ice to drink.

After I got through, I went out to wait for the others. They had gone to a fast food place further on. It started raining so I got under shelter and here they came! I had been munching on sunflower seeds.

The rain stopped (it’s done that several times since we have been here) and we went back to DQ for another go at the games. My son had found Centipede for me. I played it until I felt like I was hogging the machine and moved on.

We left about 5:30 and headed back to the hotel.

I went to the supermarket (I use that term loosely) to see about bananas but they were ‘way too green. I have some left that I’d bought the other day and I’ll go to the continental breakfast to eat in the morning. I did get a couple of bottles of Evian to do me until I get back to where I can go grocery shopping Wednesday.

My granddaughter was asleep when I got back. My son and DIL took the opportunity to go out on a “date”. They went out to eat and brought some food back for her. She was just waking up when they got in the door. I had blended up some spinach soup (not as good as what I made the other day) and used the excuse of not being able to take it with us to eat a WHOLE AVOCADO. My fat percentage is going to be through the roof. I had a few pieces of Onion Bread, too.

We are going to get our things packed tonight and keep out what we’ll have to have in the morning.

It’s been a nice break but I’m ready to go home.

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