It’s been a long and interesting day. I got up somewhat after 7 and got started.

I found that the bathroom wall is a good place to do pushups so I did two sets of 20 and two sets of 30 squats this morning. I was going to do a third and got busy and forgot.

We went to the breakfast bar at the Ponderosa this morning. I got a decent orange (first one since I got here), half a grapefruit, and lots of slices of kiwi. I hadn’t found the banana and cantaloupe but when I did, I had one banana and two slices of cantaloupe. On the way back to the room, I ducked into the continental breakfast and got their last three bananas. My son was shocked that I would do that but I figured they owed them to me since I’d only eaten there once in the whole week we have been here. I brought them back to the room and ate two.

We set out for Epcot and got me there a little before noon. I had my dates and cashews in my fanny pack and it’s a good thing I did. The only place I had found on the guide that had salad was the Les Chefs de France. I’d already munched on some dates. I was told that they didn’t open until 5 (it was about 4 then) so I made my reservation for 5:10 and went on to see some more sights. I got back before 5 and sat down to wait to be taken to my table.

The staff is French and some speak English better than others. I lucked up and got a waiter who speaks almost perfect English. I did have a hard time getting it to across to him that I don’t eat anything cooked and no meat, chicken, fish, eggs, or dairy. He finally caught on and was off to get me a salad. Then the manager came out and talked to me twice about what they might fix for me.

While I was waiting for my food to come, a nice looking lady came in alone and was seated not far from me. I indicated that I was alone, too, and asked her if she cared to share my table. She moved over and we had a nice meal and visited. She gave me some good advice about when I left the park which I followed, mostly.

Michael, the waiter, brought me my salad and Evian and the salad was a work of art. I took a picture of it (and Carrie (the nice lady), Michael, and the manager) but I’ll post it tomorrow. It’s a little late to be doing that tonight.

I walked back to The Land so I could wait in line for 50 minutes to ride Soarin’. While I was standing still between fits of walking short distances, I ate the cashews. The ride was worth the wait. It was amazing. Just thrilling enough and it gave me an idea of how my husband must’ve felt when he was flying his hangglider.

After the fireworks, I walked to the Swan Hotel where my DIL picked me up. We got back to the suite not long after 10.

I was feeling a little on the famished side so I had a peach, a banana, and some dates. This is the first day in a long time that I haven’t had a smoothie. I may start the day tomorrow with some spinach soup. That should hold me for a few hours.

My calorie count is about 1025, fat is 15% and protein is 7%.

Better go brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

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