The others went out and played miniature golf and I stayed here and be’ed peaceful. They had stopped for ice cream when it started raining. I’d had a banana smoothie with agave nectar while they were gone.

I was watching Monk when they came back. I finished up an episode I’d started yesterday and watched another one so I’m caught up.

For supper I had the honeydew I’d bought yesterday. It wasn’t the best in the world but I’m done with food for the day. My DIL said that she has been hungry for something and she could put her finger on it. She decided that it had to be a salad so she made a smallish one (compared to mine) and is eating it as I write. She put sunflower seeds, avocado, and creamy Italian dressing on it so it’s pretty fatty. She isn’t keeping track of her percentages so I’m not going to say anything.

My calorie count was just under 1350 with 5% fat and 5% protein.

Tomorrow it’s Epcot! The Ponderosa is right next door to the hotel. Think I’ll check out what kind of fruit they have on the breakfast bar before I venture forth. It’s all you care to eat for $3.99.

Better get to bed soon. I’ll need to get up at a decent hour.

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