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I made it home at who knows

I made it back home at who knows what time. It was around 5, I think, but I didn’t really notice. I had to get the car unloaded before dark because my outside light is burned out. I did all of my exercises except for BodyFlex. I’d failed to take my timer with me so […]

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We fall back, time-wise, tonight and I say, “Praise the Lord.” And I’m not being facetious. The Germans thought up “Daylight Saving Time” and I say they should have kept it. Breakfast was a kiwi, some dates, and a banana smoothie. The salad at the lasagna dinner looked decent but I had one that I’d […]

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18 weeks! I’m at my son’s place and they are having water problems. I feel sorry for them and wish I could fix it but I’m mostly staying out of the way. Didn’t do any of my exercising this morning–not even vistion therapy. Breakfast was a kiwi and a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. I took the smoothie […]

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I got up in time to BodyFlex this morning but I got sidetracked and didn’t get it done. I did the other exercises, though. Plus vision therapy. Breakfast was a kiwi and a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. I had the last of the watermelon for my mid-morning snack. Lunch was a huge salad of romaine, Boston, spinach, […]

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It’s been a long day and I’m ready to go to bed. I woke up before the alarm went off this morning. Hied me out of bed and did my vision therapy and exercised all but BodyFlex. Breakfast was a kiwi and a banana/blueberry/date smoothie which I finished on the way to work. I had […]

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The morning went pretty much as usual. I did my exercise routine, then had a kiwi and a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. I had to finish the smoothie on the way to work. I had a couple of dates later, then my bowl of watermelon. I’d seen the pastor in town and he came in while I […]

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Today is four months but I’m not going to get any pictures posted until tomorrow, if I have time to do it then. The nominating committee was supposed to meet this afternoon so I worked over and got there a few minutes after it was supposed to start. I was the first one there. Not […]

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Am about ready to “fly up”. I slept in this morning after the late night out. I forget what time it was but it may have been as late as 8:45. I didn’t do any BodyFlexing or vision therapy (the first time I’ve missed that). I did everything else in my routine, though, so I […]

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I clicked on “Create a Blog” instead of my blog title and was taken to “Name your blog”. I immediately clicked on the back button. It takes some time to maintain one (and I go back and see glaring errors in grammar and punctuation that I missed the first time) so I certainly don’t need […]

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