Wal*Mart wasn’t too well stocked. In spite of that, I got enough salad stuff to last me several days. I even found baby coconuts and invested in one. I also got my fanny pack so I should be prepared for about anything.

When we got back, I fixed some tomato soup with three tomatoes, green pepper, celery, cashews, and a little sea salt. It was yummy and really hit the spot. I forgot to bring my Instant Raw Sensations but I think I can remember enough to make about anything I want.

We went to Arabian Nights this evening. I’d called last week and the person I talked to said that they could fix me a large salad. It wasn’t very large but I’d preceded it with the small salad that was served to everyone. It could have been better but it filled the empty spot. My only addition was salt.

The show was good even with a thin plot line. The horses are well trained as are the riders. It was as entertaining to watch my granddaughter as it was to watch the show.

I have eaten just under 1000 calories today. fitday says it’s 999. Fat is 11% and protein is 7%. I may have something before I go to bed but that might keep me from a good night’s sleep, too.

It will be an early morning. Until next time!

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