I didn’t set the alarm last night so I slept until I woke up. Isn’t that how it is, anyway?

The room that I’m in is so small that I had a hard time doing my vision therapy, let alone my exercises. I did do my wall pushups, squats, and presses, plus the BF face exercises. Other than that, it was nothing.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry/date smoothie. That was insurance for when we went to the continental breakfast. After everyone was up, showered, and dressed, it was out to the elevator and down to the dining room. It was slim pickins’. My DIL had told me about the omelet bar, etc., and Belgian waffles and even though I wouldn’t have eaten any of that, I was disappointed for them that they didn’t have it. For me, I got two shrivelled oranges, an apple, and a small banana. The banana was the best part. One orange was slightly sweet and the other was a little on the sour side. I was glad that I had prepared otherwise.

We are going out to Wal*Mart soon to get a few things. I want to get a fanny pack so I can smuggle dates in wherever I go.

My DIL and granddaughter just got back from a short walk so I guess we’ll be heading out soon.

Will update later.

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