I got to my son’s place about 6. I’m on my knees blogging right now on their computer.

My DIL was surprised at the small amount of luggage that I’d brought but I don’t have a whole lot of clothes that fit. She got out some of her old jeans and shorts for me to try on. I was able to wear one pair jeans and two pairs shorts. They are in the wash now with the jeans I had on and the shirt I was wearing.

My supper was a large salad. I went ahead and fixed all the romaine and Boston lettuce that I had and put half of it in a large container to take on the trip tomorrow. I ate the rest with a couple of tomatoes and a little avocado dressed with lime juice. I gave the remaining avocado to the others.

My calorie count today is almost 1300 with 14% fat and 8% protein.

This is it until we get to the hotel in Orlando!

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