I got up late this morning

I got up late this morning but I fully intended to go to church. Time went by quickly, though, and I couldn’t make it.

I measured and weighed and I’m up an inch and a half and one lub. I didn’t exercise except for my eyes.

Since I’ll be gone soon, I went ahead and chronicled my progress (regress?). Here’s the ugly truth.

To remind you of where I’ve been and where I’m going, here are the past two months, too.


I would like to refer to myself as “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” but I don’t seem to be shrinking much.

Here are the twins from the first to the last.




My face looks better plump but my body doesn’t and I can’t have it both ways.

I have been having more modem problems. One of these days, I’m going to have to get that seen about but I’ll be on wireless while I’m on vacation.

Breakfast what a huge bowl of watermelon eaten in the sun. The neighbors weren’t home so I let my legs hang out, too. Later on, I had a big bowl of tomatoes and just a little while ago I finished off a big banana/mango/blueberry smoothie.

My neighbor drove up so I took the opportunity to take him the rest of the watermelon, salsa, and a bag of apples and tomatoes. I hope my daughter-in-law doesn’t scalp me when I drive up with the rest of my food.

I need to get on down the road so I’ll hang this up until later.

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