I’ve had the blue screen of death twice tonight. I sure do wish that I could get something besides dialup here because it’s the modem that’s causing the problem.

My exercising didn’t include BFing this morning. I got up too late. If I don’t get to bed soon, I’ll be too late again tomorrow.

Breakfast was a banana/mango/blueberry smoothie. I had my watermelon in the sun so I could get some vitamin D. I didn’t have any unwelcome visitors.

I wasn’t in my office when the Crew sent for me so I missed eating lunch with them. I was in the break room all by myself with my salad and lime juice, tomato, Onion Bread, and Mock Salmon Pate. One of the nurses came in and asked, “Are you eating by yourself today?” I said yes, I had to, that there was no one to feed me.

After work, I set out for Goody’s with my gift card. I picked out two pairs slacks, three tops, and two pairs of blue jeans–the first I’d even tried on for a long time. I haven’t owned a pair I can wear for years. When the girl rang everything up, she inspected the card and found that it isn’t valid until the 23rd which is day after tomorrow. I ended up buying the things that were on the half off sale today and left a pair of slacks and the jeans to pick up Friday. It was wonderful to try on clothes and not look like I was a sausage. I’m not, by any means, small, but I’m down a size (two, if you go by some of my clothes) and it makes a big (pardon the pun) difference.

I stopped by Wal*Mart and got some peppers and limes and came on home.

Supper was a peach, a nectarine, and a banana smoothie.

Calories today were almost 1400, fat was up there again at 19% and protein was 8%.

Better get to bed. I’ve been burning the midnight oil too much.

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