It’s been a full day. I got up at 6:30 and did all my exercises. I’d told my son that I’d come there today to give him his birthday present.

After I’d exercised and had my devotions, I ate a huge bowl of watermelon. I had it outside in the sun.

While I sipped a smoothie (banana/mango) and ate some figs, I got food ready to take. I made Mock Salmon Pate, Matt’s dip, and some salsa. I also made myself a large salad.

I didn’t get away until 3 because I kept thinking of things that I wanted to take. I loaded up a cooler with frozen stuff that was still good but I don’t eat any more. The same with things from the cabinet.

When I got there, everyone was just finishing eating. I gave my son and DIL their present. I still owed my DIL a birthday present and the only way I could afford to give them what I wanted to was to combine them–and put some with it. It’s a 1 GB compact flash card for their camera.

My granddaughter introduced me to the newest member of the family–a beautiful cat by the name of Khatul. That’s Hebrew for cat and it’s a trick to say it. The first syllable is said as if hocking a loogie. The second syllable is pronounced “tool”.

I took my granddaughter the ladybug shirt and book I’d gotten her at the state park and gave her the cicada shell, too. She was pleased with everything, I think.

I sat down with my salad dressed with Matt’s dip and salsa. It was good. While I ate, my son showed me their new notebook computer. I approved. It’s a lot bigger than mine. I’m glad they have it. They’ve wanted one for a long time.

Before I left, my granddaughter gave me a concert. She is coming along well with her piano lessons. She has only had four and she shows promise. She’s very precise with her fingering and counting.

I’d asked my DIL to get me some cashews, which she did. Problem is, they were still on the counter when it hit me many miles down the road that they weren’t in the car. I turned around and went back and got them.

By the time I got home, it was almost dark. I got the coolers out of the car and let my son know that I was back safely. I knew he wouldn’t sleep if I didn’t call him. Yeah, right!

I’ve had my date with Mr. Monk and had a banana/blueberry/mango smoothie. The mango was a little on the green side but it was okay in the smoothie.

My calorie count is not quite 1200 with 14% fat and 8% protein.

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