It’s going to be another late night so I’ll make this short.

I had an inservice this afternoon so I went in to work late. I had time to wash a load of clothes and BodyFlex. I left off the squats, pushups, but did the presses.

Breakfast was a peach, some figs, and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I took enough watermelon for a couple of the girls to share. We ate outside at the picnic table. There was a lot of watermelon left over.

We had lunch in the breakroom. Guess I was the only one who liked the conference room better. I had Mock Salmon Pate, Instant Spinach Soup, and some salsa.

I had planned to go to Wal*Mart after work but the inservice got started about 20 minutes late and ran until 8 o’clock Eastern. It was about meth labs and was very interesting. The odor of the paraphernalia was something that can’t be described. One of the nurses said it smelled like really strong cat urine. I guess she meant when a tomcat sprays?

It was raining–first we’ve had since Katrina sprinkled a little. I had about decided against going to the store to get 29 cents a lub bananas but I stopped and I’m glad I did. They were going fast. I got 14 lubs.

I’d failed to leave a light on but I made it to the house okay in spite of it. I’ve had some figs and three small bananas. I’ve made it to just over 1200 calories with 10% fat and 6% protein.

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