I got up about 15 minutes after the alarm went off this morning. It was enough time to do all of my exercises.

Breakfast was a banana/pineapple/blueberry smoothie.

I called my oldest son to wish him a happy birthday. Today is his 41st. This is the e-card I sent him. After I sang to him, he gave me the latest news. He had broken his elbow in a bike accident this weekend. He says it isn’t bad but I told him to go to the doctor ASAP. He had been seen in an ER but, from what I could gather, it had only been splinted. I’m sure that it had been xrayed, too, but I don’t know that it had been read at the time. Elbows are as tricky as knees.

I ate watermelon out at the picnic table and people kept coming out to talk to me so my break lasted longer than it should have. I guess I shouldn’t be so popular.

Lunch was laughed at by everyone who saw it. I took the rest of my Cauliflower Soup for Martians, celery, and a little container of Mock Salmon Pate. The Filipino nurse was insulted for me that every made fun of it. We were left alone in the break room at the end of the meal and she let me know that she didn’t think it was nice of people to laugh at the way I eat. I appreciated her feeling that way for me but I assured her that I’d been laughed at all my life because I was a vegetarian so it isn’t any different to be laughed at because I eat food that hasn’t been cooked. She said that she felt like if it works for me that I should go for it. And that’s what I’m doing. They can sit there and eat their dead body parts and then think I’m strange!

I stopped at the vegetable and fruit stand that an old man up the road runs. There was a man there when I drove up. I picked out my tomatoes and paid for them but I hung around until he left. I have known the owner of the stand for years and he just recently had a hip replacement. He started telling me stories and I guess I was there for over half an hour. He has some good tales to tell and he’ll let you know that they are all true. He did tell me one that he said was a story (as in not true) about a boy who was going to school back in the Depression Era. He was tired of his lunch. It was the same every day. There were boxes that were numbered for the children to put their lunches in so he thought that he would get in there first and switch lunches with someone else. He spied a tall sack that looked like it would have something good in it. When he got his chance, he swapped them. When he opened it up, what did he find but a hammer and three black walnuts. I guess there’s always someone worse off. After a few more stories, I took my leave and came on home.

The summer tomatoes are on the wane. I had three small ones chunked up in a bowl. My main part of supper was a banana/peach smoothie and some figs. I took my neighbor some of the figs I’d picked yesterday. Calories were barely over 1200, 15% fat and 8% protein.

Better wind this up.

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