Eleven weeks. What about me. That is amazing. Two more weeks will make it 1/4 year.

I was down another half lub this morning for a 32 lub total loss.

It was stay-abed time and no exercise AGAIN. Here I am, up at almost 10 o’clock and I’m going to HAVE to get to bed earlier if I’m going to make any headway.

Breakfast was a half dozen figs and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I dashed out the door so I could be to work on time. Just starting down the mountain, there had been a fender-bender and it held me up long enough that I was late to an inservice that I had to attend. It was mandatory but I hadn’t missed much of it.

I ate my watermelon outside. Lunch was a large bowl of romaine with Tangy Curry-Mango Dressing plus a couple of small end-of-the-season tomatoes that Karen brought me. They were still good and had that vine-ripened flavor that I’m going to miss. The salad was taking so long to eat that I took the last half and used the Smart Stick on it and blended it up and finished it that way.

After work, I went to one of the local stores and bought two watermelons–one to keep and one to take to the church dinner tomorrow. After I left them at the house, I went to Wal*Mart via my mother’s grave. I took my camera in case the grass hadn’t grown up but it had so I didn’t bother to take any pictures. I tidied up some and went on.

I bought enough salad stuff that I shouldn’t have to go back for awhile–at least a week or more. I still have a romaine heart that I got the last time and it’s fresh. I brought the provender home, unloaded, and put it away.

I did check my e-mail first and found out that my sister had “cabled herself up” as my mother would have said, hurting her back carrying stuff out of my BIL’s hospital room. A little later, she e-mailed again that he had had the surgery as planned and was much improved already. An answer to prayer!

After I got things sort of squared away, I threw the dishes in the dishwasher for the first time in weeks. Then I washed one of the watermelons and slaughtered it to take tomorrow. I have it chunked up in two one gallon bags in the fridge. It’s nothing special. I was hoping it would be good and sweet but it’s so-so. I may mix up some Mock Salmon Pate in the morning and take it, too. I plan to make myself a salad for insurance.

Supper was a large peach and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I plan to go back to the berry patch Sunday morning and see if I can dodge the skeeters that way.

Calorie count is 1208, more or less, with fat at 9% and protein at 7%. Happy Sabbath and good night!

A P.S. I had to go to the bathroom and was looking for my glasses on the way back. It hadn’t occurred to me that I had been reading my e-mail and answering it and blogging without them. They are still in my purse! Praise the Lord!

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