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I’m going to have to stop and eat soon. Breakfast was a large piece of watermelon (I’ll have to go back to having it for my break tomorrow). I had a banana/mango smoothie later. Along about 3:30, I had a large green salad with the tomato/mango dressing made with my last yellow tomato. It was […]

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A few hours after lunch I was feeling hungry. I had a couple of tomatoes chunked up in a bowl. I’ve had a casualty in the box of mangos. One of them has bitten the dust. It was added to the compost pile this afternoon. I ate two of the ones that had survived and […]

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A quick P.S. This morning, early, when I was out on the deck, I heard splashes and looked down just at the edge of the water (almost directly below the deck). There were eight large fish right there together. One was probably a foot long and the others weren’t much shorter. They swam off and […]

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I’m back home and it’s a good feeling! The weekend was nice and I had a good time but this is where I belong. I peeled one of the peaches yesterday afternoon and took a bite. It was sour! I put it aside and had a plum, then a mango. I decided that I would […]

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I had some really profound thoughts going and the Blue Screen of Death came up and they are all gone so you are lucky this time. Breakfast was an enormous amount of watermelon. I tried to get my gdaughter to try it but she was sure she didn’t like it and I couldn’t change her […]

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Another day is done and so am I.

Another day is done and so am I. After I posted everything I’d eaten so far, I had some Sweet Potato Crisps with Mock Salmon Pate. I had brought all the rest of the Crisps and thought I would have help eating them but no one wants to try them. They are better than all […]

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I’m sitting in my bedroom

I’m sitting in my bedroom (for a couple of days, anyway) writing this while I work on my salad. I generally eat my veggie meal in the evening but I had a yen to do it at lunch today. Since there are no hard and fast rules, and no one to tell me not to, […]

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I am in the villa at the state park

I am in the villa at the state park where I will be staying until Monday morning. My son, his wife, and my three year old (almost four) granddaughter are here, too. I got up late this morning. It was almost 8 o’clock. My computer wasn’t cooperating so I had to do the uninstall the […]

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It’s late so I’ll make this short.

It’s late so I’ll make this short. Breakfast was a banana/mango/blueberry smoothie, a kiwi, and a plum. I didn’t have any watermelon (the one I’d bought yesterday was so green it was light pink inside) so I took more bananas for my midmorning break. I blended them up with a little water and drank it […]

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