I got up on time but I didn’t do any exercising

I got up on time but I didn’t do any exercising except for vision therapy. I did do some squats and wall pushups off and on throughout the day.

Breakfast was a peach and blueberries with agave nectar and a banana smoothie.

Peaches and Blueberries

Katrina made for cloudy day but it hadn’t started raining so I had a midmorning cantaloupe break outside.

Lunch was one of my sister’s tomatoes (the next to the last) and a large salad of Boston lettuce, romaine, and spinach with Matt’s dip as a dressing. I had no sooner gotten started on it when one of the registrars stuck her head in the door and said, “Mandatory Department Head meeting in the back–immediately.” I gathered everything up and took it with me. Katrina was having an effect on my day again. This time, it was planning for any eventuality if she didn’t weaken considerably on the way. I tried to pick at my salad daintily but one that size isn’t dainty. After the meeting was over, I went back to the office and briefed the staff, then to the break room where I finished my lunch.

It was still overcast but not raining yet when I headed for higher ground. I’d heard that gas was going up so I went to the local station and got 4.3 gallons for $12. Time was when I could have filled up an almost empty tank in my little Honda Civic for that.

I’d toyed with the idea of going to pick blueberries but decided that I wouldn’t tempt fate and it’s just as well. The rain started coming down pretty hard not long after I got home. I’d gone and looked at the fig tree and found two figs that were ready. The first ripe ones of the summer!

Supper was three small tomatoes, a banana/mango smoothie, and the figs. They didn’t have a lot of flavor. I wonder if all the rain has done something to them.

It’s past the time I wanted to be in bed so I’d better get busy.

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