I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning.

I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning. I didn’t want to go to church reeking of garlic so I decided I would wait until I got home to do my niece’s “cure”. It’s garlic lemonade made with a fresh pressed clove of garlic, boiling water to steep the garlic, lemon juice, and honey (not vegan). I’ve brewed me up a cup and it’s sitting here beside the computer. I’m going to have to let it cool a little since I don’t want a blistered tongue in addition to my scratchy throat.

My breakfast consisted of cantaloupe, a plum and a smoothie made with two peaches, three bananas, and some agave nectar to tame down the tartness of the peaches.

I was a little late getting to church. As a matter of fact, I got there after the lesson study had started. There was no function for me to perform so it didn’t inconvenience anyone for me to not be on time. During the greeting phase of the service (between Sabbath School and church, we sing “The Family of God” and then go around and greet people) I hugged and shook hands with those close by and then went up toward the front to deliver a recipe I’d promised a friend. She looked at me and said, “You have REALLY lost weight! What have you been doing?” I’d told her before that I was on 100% raw but I guess she’d slept since then. I told her again and she had me turn around so she could see my backside. She kept exclaiming. It was gratifying, even though I can’t tell it that much myself.

When I got home, I changed into my garb that I had on a little less than a month ago and took some eight second shots. They are also known as “self portraits”. Since it has been four weeks, I’ll refresh your memory.

This is the original Full Frontal Fat beside the current one:

Full Frontal Fat Full Fontal Fat

And here are the original Twins above the current ones:



I guess I can tell a difference. It looks like I might be a little closer to the camera in the first ones. I had to change my picture-taking spot after the furniture was moved in. As of today, I’ve lost 29 lubs. There are still rolls, though.

I changed clothes again and started eating. By that time, I have usually had at least two meals so I was getting kind of hollow. I had half a “Bambino” watermelon. It was okay but I don’t think I’ll buy another one. I ate it outside in the sun. Then I had some of the second watermelon that I’d taken to eat last weekend. I sat on the steps to eat it.

While my melon was settling, I mixed up some of Matt’s dip. A few weeks ago, I got a L’equip blender on eBay and I really like it. It’s easier to use than the VitaMix and easier to clean, too. The VitaMix does a good job cooking things but I’m not into that enny more. The L’equip can be slowed down to a crawl or it can really tear through things. Then I fixed a huge green salad with a head of Boston lettuce, a romaine heart, and some baby spinach. I poured probably too much of Matt’s dip on it and took it out on the steps. I was leaning against the door and my cat would push on my back, wanting out. After I finished the salad, I had an ear of corn.

I got the hint from Twinkle and took her out and held her on my lap so she could enjoy the outdoors. She had been declawed when I got her so she’s an indoor cat. She kept wanting down. I put her on the step but kept my hand on her so she couldn’t get away. She kept inching her way away, kind of like the camel but in reverse. I brought her back in the house, much to her dismay, and changed my clothes yet again because I was covered in cat hair. I got her a hair magnet that she is supposed to rub up against and get the loose hair off but she ignores it.

That’s about it up until now. I’ll post my next meal later since I haven’t eaten it yet. DUH!

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