I had some really profound thoughts going and the Blue Screen of Death came up and they are all gone so you are lucky this time.

Breakfast was an enormous amount of watermelon. I tried to get my gdaughter to try it but she was sure she didn’t like it and I couldn’t change her mind. Before we left to tour the falls (two of them) I mixed up a banana/mango smoothie to take along. The others ate at the Inn.

We piled into the vehicle and went back to the places that my granddaughter had slept through yesterday. It was an easy walk to the first overlook where we could see the falls that the park is named for:
The second falls wasn’t as easily accessed. Another Falls
We had a steep, rather rugged path to get to the second overlook and when we got back to the top, we had another rugged path to the suspension bridge. By the time we got back to the top the second time, I was drenched with sweat.

We drove around the scenic loop, dodging triathlon runners. Some of them looked like they were in pretty good shape but a couple looked kinda like me. I wonder if they finished.

There were few deer to be seen today. I guess they hid out because of the influx of people.

When we got back to the villa, the others made ready to leave over the protests of my granddaughter and me. Washing UpI know that tomorrow it’s back to work, but I wish they could have stayed longer. All by myself, this is more like a motel than a retreat. It’s awfully quiet. I’d have plenty to do at home but I’m bound to stay. Even though they didn’t eat much (hardly any) of the fresh food I’d brought, they did take some home.

I changed clothes and hung my wet shirt to dry on the suitcase.

Lunch was a large salad with cashew spread thinned out with lemon juice and distilled water. I also had a couple of Sweet Potato Crisps with some more of the cashew spread.

There were some interesting programs on The Learning Channel this afternoon. I sat down and watched a whole one about the 84 pound baby and two other partial ones. After awhile, I bestirred myself and went to the General Store and bought myself a T shirt. I tried to find one for my older granddaughter but struck out there and the gift shop at the Inn, too. They had a cute one at the Inn but it was the wrong size and the only one they had. I may get it, anyway, since it’s a little on the large side and she can grow into it.

The lake is looking mostly calm right now. I took a few pictures this morning but I haven’t looked at them yet. If they turned out okay, I’ll post them. The ones I took of the moon last night had too much camera jiggle.

Since I am easily entertained, I was curious about my dried sweaty shirt. I hadn’t brought deodorant with me. I wanted to see if there was any change in my body odor. When I smelled the shirt, it smelled clean! Now, that’s amazing. Do you suppose that means that the way we smell is directly influenced by what we eat? Could really rank sweat smell come from the body trying to get rid of bad food and drink?

Think I’ll go put a mango out of its misery and see about doing the same to some bananas. I still have peaches, plums, and kiwi, too.

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