Another day is done and so am I.

Another day is done and so am I. After I posted everything I’d eaten so far, I had some Sweet Potato Crisps with Mock Salmon Pate. I had brought all the rest of the Crisps and thought I would have help eating them but no one wants to try them. They are better than all the highly processed food that’s being consumed but I’ll just have them for that much longer. The MSP is going begging, too. The girls at work love it so maybe I can get them to help me finish it off.

We went riding this afternoon and found the Falls just after my granddaughter had zonked out. We rode for a long time with stops to look out over the gorge and take pictures. My son ventured down a trail that went to an outcropping. We stayed up on top and I’ll let him prove he was there with his camera work. We plan to go back and see the Falls–maybe all three of them.

I’d done three full squats this morning and could really tell it in my calves. They are still kind of sore. Roger had sent an e-mail with links to a site that would show, in pictures, how to do them. The advice is to start out with 10-15. My three about did me in. I’d hate to see me after 15.

The little girl never woke up so she is in bed for the night. Her parents trusted me to keep her while they went out to eat. She never once made a sound.

Supper for me was a plum and a banana/mango smoothie. I hope I don’t dream about Hitler tonight. Last night, I dreamed that he was putting the moves on me and I grabbed him and was pounding his head against the floor. He survived and went on to be the Monster that he was. I dreamed that I thought I could have prevented that if I’d done him in when I had the chance.

Better get on to Dreamland.

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