I’m sitting in my bedroom


I’m sitting in my bedroom (for a couple of days, anyway) writing this while I work on my salad. I generally eat my veggie meal in the evening but I had a yen to do it at lunch today. Since there are no hard and fast rules, and no one to tell me not to, I’m eating it when I want. It has more variety in it than is advised with romaine, spinach, Boston lettuce, parsley, cucumber, tomato, and a dressing of avocado, yellow tomato, lemon juice, a tablespoonful or so of cashew spread, and enough water to blend it up.

Breakfast was a large amount of watermelon and some cantaloupe. A few hours later, I had a banana/blueberry smoothie, a peach, a plum, and a mango.


The other three family members are at the pool. Since today is Sabbath, I am resting and taking a break from all the whirlwind activity of the past week and what is promising to be busy when I get back. However, even if it were Sunday, I wouldn’t be there because I didn’t bring a suit and there is no skinny-dipping allowed. At least not by small whales. I can safely say that I’m not a large one any more. One of these days, you may catch me out there in the water but not yet. Maybe by the time the Florida vacation rolls around but not now. By then, I should be another 10 lubs toward my goal.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the deck today. That’s where I had my breakfast and I went out there again to read. I wonder what it is about moving water and fire that is so fascinating? This was the view this morning:


My granddaughter insists that they are geese but I do believe they are ducks.

This is the villa next to us:


It’s a carbon copy of this one as all of them are.

These are some of the fisherman’s cabins next to the “suburb” of villas:


And this is the sunrise over the lake this morning:


It’s a beautiful spot and I’m a lucky person to be able to enjoy it with loved ones!

I’ll check back in later.

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