It’s been a long day.

It’s been a long day. I got up before the alarm went off but I fooled around until I had to rush to get to work on schedule. I did have time to do all of my exercises, though.

I had a mango from the shipment for breakfast. It wasn’t quite ripe enough but I think I bad-mouthed them unfairly. The flesh is orangey and rich. In a few days, I’ll be in mango heaven! I also had a plum and a banana/romaine smoothie.

My watermelon break was a little late so I ate lunch (cantaloupe and a banana/pear smoothie) a little late. When that had time to settle, I had a few almonds.

When I went to the bank, there was a truck of peaches parked across the street. I’d told the girls in the office that I was going to have to stop for bananas. I stopped for peaches, too. They are my favorite variety–Elberta/Alberta (which is it?) from South Carolina. They need a day or two but I hope they are good. When I lived in Alabama, there was an orchard not far from where we lived where I could buy tree-ripened ones. There was a limited amount so the procedure was to call and reserve the number of bushels I wanted. They were melt-in-your-mouth, didn’t need any sugar sweet. I have never had better peaches before or since.

The bananas were still on sale so I got about 15 lubs for less than $5. I had just two of the others left when lunch rolled around.

I called my daughter-in-law to find out what she would want to eat this weekend. The only thing we have to take is food. The place is furnished down to the silverware and dishes. When I asked about watermelon, she said she didn’t know if my granddaughter likes it or not. She doesn’t think she’s ever tried it. AND SHE’S ALMOST FOUR YEARS OLD! We’ll have watermelon, for sure. They’ll bring cereal, milk, bread, whatever, and I’ll supply the fresh stuff. They’ll probably eat at the Inn at least once but I doubt I’ll go. Even when I was eating cooked, I prefered my own food to whatever I found at a restaurant unless it was Tony’s Pasta Shop and Trattoria. Now, that was some tasty food!

Karen had brought me some more good tomatoes so I had them for supper, plus a little corn that wasn’t too fresh so I didn’t eat much of it. Then I had some Mock Salmon Pate that I’d whizzed up. I smeared it on romaine leaves. It’s sitting a little heavy. I’ll take some to work and the rest of it this weekend.

Better get around! The katydids have taken over where the jarflies left off. The latter were really loud this evening.

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