The day is close to being over

The day is close to being over and I haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I had planned. I need to take some time off work to get caught up but I usually go somewhere when I do that.

I have been trying to e-mail my sister in the Great Northwest but AOL keeps throwing the messages back at me. My sister in NC has come up with a question and gave me the answer that she said my brother-in-law gave her some years ago. “I’m really wondering what all that fruit might do to your triglicerides (sic). Has anybody addressed that?” Then in the followup message, she said, “I remember once when mine were borderline, Paul advised me to eat fruit no more fruit than twice a day, and that would have been in much smaller quantities.” Now, I could understand that with diabetes or if someone had triglycerides that were in danger of going below 35 mg/dL but I don’t think I’ll get there for some time. When I asked her if she thought mine might get too low, she wrote back, “No, just the opposite.” Well, I think I’m better off than I was eating all the fat, sugar, and starches that I was two months ago. I just got another message from her that it looked as though I’m doing okay.

That being said, I started off the morning with eye exercises, BFing and doing squats/pushup/presses. I had everything entered on my spreadsheet as far as my measurements were concerned but I failed to save it so I had to measure again this afternoon. I’ve lost an inch and a half this week. That makes a total of 10.5 in seven weeks but it’s spread out. I could read without my glasses when I had my devotions and went through my e-mail! I’ve had to resort to them as the day went on.

For breakfast I started off with a large piece of watermelon which I ate outside. Later on, I had a plum and banana/blueberry smoothie.

My daughter called for our weekly visit. I was beginning to feel like I should eat again so I had a couple of plums, some cantaloupe, and another smoothie–this time it was banana/pear.

After I got off the phone with her, I talked to my middle child, and then my oldest. So, I’ve been in touch with all three. It was nice to get caught up.

I’m in the process of eating supper. I’ll go finish and post that later.

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