I’ve been to the celebration and come back.

I’ve been to the celebration and come back. The honored couple was thoroughly surprised. When I got ready to leave (I wasn’t the first) I was stopped at the last table and the executive secretary from the hospital asked me if I weren’t going to stay longer. I told her that I was going to go home and eat. They’d had some fresh fruit and I ate two cupfuls but I was in need of more. She announced to everyone who would listen that I only eat raw food and then loudly began to question me about how I would get enough protein. One of the women at the table said that she thought I probably had it right on. Some years ago, I had eaten at her establishment and she had no idea how to fix a vegetarian meal. I sent her a health publication later. I don’t know if she knew I was the one who sent it but it sounds as though she’d read it. After answering a multitude of questions, I took my leave and came home.

I’ve had two plums and a kiwi and am working on a banana/pear/mango smoothie. I put a whole mango in this one so it’s a pretty bright yellow. I can’t wait for my shipment to get here! That’s going to be great!


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