I am not a Queen! I have abdicated my throne!

I am not a Queen! I have abdicated my throne! I bought a pair of size B pantyhose the other day and I wore them today and they fit!

Breakfast was a nectarine and a banana/pear/mango smoothie. I was well-satisfied through Sabbath School and church. It looked as though I was going to have to play the organ without benefit of a pianist when an old friend walked in and offered to take over that job. I was vastly relieved. We had a good time playing music together.

I was invited to stay for lunch but I came on home to my Eggplant Pizza. It wasn’t half bad. I whizzed up some cashew “cheese” to put on top which helped it out. All it was, was 1 C cashews, an undetermined amount of water, a scant tsp. sea salt, 1 tsp. onion powder, and some nutmeg (probably 1/4 tsp.). I put all that in the Cuisinart and let it run until it was mostly smooth. I got the nutmeg trick from a friend in Colorado many years ago. I also had a chunked up tomato and a large salad. I have four little “pizzas” left which I’ve put in the fridge.

One of my good friends from work is going to be the victim of a 25th wedding anniversary celebration so I’ll be leaving pretty soon for that. Her husband isn’t aware of it, either. Their two sons are going to tell them they are taking them out to eat, blindfold them, and drive them all over town to get them mixed up and then bring them to the celebration. I doubt I’ll stay long but I do want to be there to see their faces.

I’ll be back and eating again soon!

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