Breakfast was back to the regular

Seven weeks
100% raw

Breakfast was back to the regular since I’m feeling back to normal–and it’s so nice that normal is good and full of energy! I had a nectarine and a banana/blueberry smoothie. I have been using frozen blueberries but will start picking again the last week of this month if they are available.

When I went by the elementary school, I was surprised to see they weren’t in session. I got to the hospital and found that a water main had broken last night (it happens at least once a year). There was a fire engine with its lights going in front of the nursing home and it didn’t occur to me that it was unusual. It was there to fill up whatever containers could be found so commodes could be flushed. They filled trash cans, buckets, trash receptacles (the ones that the trash from the offices and patient rooms is hauled in), linen carts. One person from housekeeping was assigned to keep the bathrooms bearable. Finally they closed all but one so it could be more easily monitored.

I was a brave soul and took my mid-morning watermelon break. I went back to my desk and used my bladder training to wait as long as possible. I usually drink a quart of water while I’m at work but I didn’t today. For lunch, I had cantaloupe and it was juicier than the watermelon. Again, I tried and tried but finally had to go. I wasn’t the only one that had problems and misery does truly love company. I mixed up a banana/pear smoothie and drank that at my desk.

The water didn’t come back on until not long before I left. Up until the afternoon, we had been using hand sanitizer because we couldn’t wash. It was a welcome sight and sound to be able to flush and run water! The administrator was interviewed by a news team from the nearby metropolis and she did really well. She told them it was an inconvenience but we had a disaster plan that was put in place and it was business as usual.

With all the upset, it wasn’t quite business as usual in our area because we are used to being able to wash our hands often. That’s something I encourage because we are exposed to so many things and handwashing is one of the most effective ways to keep germs at bay. I’ve also told them not to share a pen with someone if they are actively sick or bleeding but to throw the one the patient uses away. It isn’t worth a 39 cent pen for one of my staff to catch a bug. Sanitizer is fine if there is no visible soiling but we deal with all sorts of situations that call for more.

One thing I did accomplish, all the evaluations are done and turned in! Now the review will begin and I may have to work on them some more but, at least, the first step is over. Well, no. This is the second step. I had to have my templates approved by Human Resources at the main office before I could start on them.

When I got home, I had an e-mail from my sister that she still shudders over my near miss with the car yesterday. I have thought back and I truly believe that my guardian angel was between it and my car. I went past it like I was meeting it on the highway with both of us on our respective sides, then I made a U-turn that took me back to the highway and continued on my way. I didn’t have time to stop before I got on the main road but I don’t remember seeing anything in my rearview mirror. I doubt that there were any witnesses to what happened besides me and heavenly ones. It boggles my mind what could have happened.

Back to food since that’s what this is supposed to be about. I had a bowl of tomatoes, corn on the cob, the rest of the dip with celery sticks, then I had a huge salad since I haven’t had much in the greens department for a couple of days. I ended up putting it through the Cuisinart and finished it that way. I went over my calorie goal by about 200 but it’s no biggie. My fat consumption was 13%.

I usually listen to my daughter on things that she deems “nasty” when raw but I decided that I would get a small (as in tiny) eggplant (45 cents) to try Eggplant Pizza. It’s in the dehydrator now and it doesn’t smell bad at all. Of course, green pepper, tomato, and onion usually smell good, anyway, but it’s going to be part of my Sabbath lunch. I think. I’ll post the results. I didn’t have purple onion so I used chopped green onion. I didn’t go to the larger supermarket in town so the mushrooms I got are just the regular button type but they were good and fresh. I’d already cut into a green pepper–it doesn’t have red and yellow. I had a tomato that wasn’t as nice as the ones the girl at work gave me so I used that in case it doesn’t turn out well. I sprinkled it with garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and sea salt. Oh, I smeared the olive oil on with my finger rather than drizzling it, too. That will be the first free fat I’ve had in several weeks. If that doesn’t work out, it won’t take but a very few minutes to whiz up some pate for a treat.

It’s getting on toward the time that I need to be in bed. I’m, as my sister says, the orgaster tomorrow. Happy Sabbath!

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