I got up too late to BF this morning

I got up too late to BF this morning but I did 50 squats and 10 imperfect pushups. Wouldn’t it be surprising if I got them perfect for a change?

Breakfast was two plums, and a smoothie of bananas, a peach, and blueberries. I took watermelon for my midmorning break in the sun but the weather didn’t cooperate. I ate it at my desk. The rain was pouring and I didn’t want to be wet inside and outside, too. Lunch started off with cantaloupe and Paradise Melon, then I made a fresh smoothie with my work Smart Stick. It was bananas and a pear. I drank it while I worked. Then I munched on some almonds.

One of the local supermarkets had some really nice portabella mushrooms (surprise!) so I got a package and made a pate with them, part of a green pepper, a jar of pimientos (my only nod to cooked yet), a couple tablespoons pine nuts, two small green onions, about half as much celery as I needed, and some sea salt and celery seed. I used romaine to scoop it up. I ate quite a bit and I don’t know if it was the fact that I’d mixed raw with cooked but it didn’t set really well. I was gifted with some more homegrown tomatoes today so I chunked up a bowl and had that. Then I whizzed up some spinach pate with a couple cups baby spinach leaves, the juice of half a lime, and an avocado slice. I ate more romaine with that.

I didn’t quite make it to 1200 calories. My fat was 13% of that but I made it to 8% protein. Not too bad for my for my 45th day!

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