It’s a rainy day and I didn’t get up until after 7.

It’s a rainy day and I didn’t get up until after 7. I had my last date with Tom last night as planned. It was a good one but sad at the same time.

I measured (almost) first thing and haven’t lost another fraction of an inch but I think things are rearranging. I can actually see muscles under the skin on my arms. My weight was down another half lub which made the little marker casually lean against “Severe Overweight” on fitday instead of snuggle. I would encourage ANYONE to set up an account on fitday and track what you are eating for just one week and it will open your eyes like nothing else will unless it’s “Supersize Me”.

I BF’ed and did 50 (!) squats and 10 imperfect pushups.

Breakfast was a Bartlett pear, two plums (black and red) and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and papaya. I’m well satisfied for several hours.

I took a bag full of stuff to church yesterday and gave it to the son of one of my good friends. I know that she will be able to use it and I hate for it to go to waste, though I also feel a little guilty sharing the poor health. It was several different kinds of rice, liquid stevia (she had given me that, originally), oatmeal, and I don’t remember what else. I haven’t heard from her so I don’t know if it’s been delivered yet.

I’ve ordered some stevia seed from Planet Natural. Since it is an heirloom seed, the shipping is free. The stevia products are rather expensive so I hope that I will be able to grow my own. The whole leaf is supposed to be good for sweetening things and I think it’s a pretty plant, too. I was reading about it and it needs at least a 14″ pot to grow well and a lot of sun and heat. It can overwinter indoors so I can put it in the spare bedroom. This is another time that I wish I had a greenhouse but I’m thankful for what I can do. The house in Alabama had a greenhouse 68’X10′ and the ceiling was about 18′ or more high. There were 4’X8′ panes of glass in a double row all across the front. My husband made plant hangers of various lengths that allowed me to have hanging baskets, then he built a table for other plants to sit on. There were drains in the floor so I could water the plants and not worry about standing water or trying to mop it up. Four 4’X8′ openings went into the house itself and there were steps going up–one into the kitchen, two into the livingroom, and one into our bedroom. It was our plan to extend the steps the full length of the greenhouse and bank plants on them. I had some beautiful ones when I left but I had to give most of them away. There were a few that I brought with me. They have all since bitten the dust because I don’t have a good place to have them here. I could feel sorry for all that I’ve lost but I’ve gained so much more. Part of that is weight 🙂 but I’m in the process of losing that!

The seeds I planted a week ago are beginning to peek up out of the old egg carton I put them in. Four of the sections still aren’t showing any signs of life but some of them were to take 10 days to germinate. I rearranged the planter boxes on the stove and I’ll be able to fit another one on there. I may end up taking the hood down and store it in a closet so I can fit the growlight under the cabinet better.

There’s much to be done. I must get busy!

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