I went to bed fairly early last night

I went to bed fairly early last night and woke at about 4:45. I was thinking that I needed to get up and get ready to go to work and then it hit me that this is Sabbath! I turned over and went back to sleep and didn’t wake until almost 7. Talk about lazy! It did me good, though, to get in a good night’s sleep. I didn’t have time to BF but I did 45 squats and eight pushups. I’m still pitiful on the pushups and I’m supposed to be working my way up to 300 squats without stopping. I’m a long way from there!

I was organist today so I didn’t linger over breakfast. I had two plums (black and red) and an Irish smoothie. Talk about refreshing! I’m going to try another of those unconventional ideas for supper.

It was off to the races and I got to the church right on time only to discover that there were three people inside! The pastor’s daughter was to be baptized at a nearby state park and they’d decided yesterday to notify everyone that Sabbath School was canceled so everyone could go there. Problem is, not everyone (me, for one) got notified. The person who was supposed to call me did call but I was at lunch and she got off on something else with the switchboard operator and failed to give her a message for me to call. She is a very sweet person and was devastated that I didn’t know. Three other ladies eventually came in and we had a good song service. After that, we had a good lesson study. By and by, people started filtering in and things went on routinely.

After church, a good friend who I hear from rarely and see even less came up to give me a hug and said, “You never look any older!” That was music to my ears! I promised her that I would send her the link to my blog so she’d be able to see what I’ve been up to so I’d better do that before I forget.

Lunch was supposed to be haystacks and I didn’t do haystacks when I was doing cooked so I passed. When I got home, I drank some water and contemplated what I was going to eat. After my water had time to get out of my stomach, I had a large piece of watermelon which I ate outside in the sun. Following that, I had cantaloupe and Paradise Melon. When that was gone, I ate a good-sized salad of spinach, Boston lettuce, and endive with my mango-tomato dressing. No salt and it was good! I’d gotten an ear of corn out of the fridge and cut it off early enough in the process for it to warm up a little. I had that, and for “dessert” I had the rest of the Mock Salmon Pate (about a tablespoonful) on Sweet Potato Crisps. Then I had a little of Matt’s dip on a small Crisp. It’s addictive and I ate a scant teaspoonful by itself. Then I went and brushed my teeth.

After I’d entered my lunch on fitday, I found that my meal hadn’t gotten much over 500 calories but it was 23% fat! I entered my breakfast and it took it down to 15% which is still high considering I’m on the obese side.

Speaking of obese, I am having a good time seeing that little blue marker make its way from “Severe Overweight” to “Moderate”. It’s kind of snuggled up to “Severe” right now, but it should be well on its way to not being such good friends by this time next week. I have had an average weight loss of 2 lubs a week and that should get me almost to my goal by Christmas. Unless I plateau but if I do, I do. Just for fun, (I find the strangest ways to have fun) I put my weight in from the middle of May and the marker was firmly in the middle of “Severe”. I was glad to be able to get it back where it belongs. Or where it is. It belongs in “Slim & Trim” but it doesn’t have that zone, anyway. The one where I should be is “Healthy Weight”. Roger says that more muscle I develop, the more fat I will burn so maybe I’ll weigh more but be slimmer, anyway.

My little water bottle I usually take to church was nowhere to be found this morning so I took my quart sized one. As luck would have it (or maybe it wasn’t luck–oooOOOOOooooohhhhhh) it worked out nicely. I have had my water from it this afternoon and I made sure that I got what I need. My eight ozzies this evening will give me 64 total which is a pretty good amount for a raw foodist.

I lay down and actually read for quite some time this afternoon. Two months ago, I would have read for less than five minutes and then dropped off to sleep for three hours. I don’t miss my nap.

After Frederic Patenaude put my testimony for his The Raw Secrets in his newsletter, I forwarded it on to my sisters. I don’t know if the last two were aware or not of my now six weeks at 100% but they had some nice comments and didn’t say that I have completely lost my mind. They might be thinking it but they aren’t telling me, anyway. I sent them a link to this blog and I know that one of them read it and was impressed by my “determination” and pictures. People don’t understand that, if the program is done right (lots of fruit and veggies and easy on the nuts and seeds) it isn’t a problem. I still wonder what my mother would think. She wanted me to lose weight so it might make her happy.

Work has more than its share of “temptations”, if that’s what you’d call them. One of the home health nurses brought in some cookies–the rich gooey kind–yesterday. The girl at the switchboard indicated the bag and then shrugged. I think, after 42 days, that I have finally gotten my point across that I’m not eating stuff like that any more. I know that people “cheat” and I don’t say I never will, but nothing has jumped out and grabbed me and shouted, “YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ME!” I hear, “Oh, you can’t eat THAT” referring to something cooked. I say, “I could eat it if I wanted but I choose not to eat it.” I didn’t think I would ever be able to give up Niedlov’s Wholely Whole Wheat Bread. It’s the kind of bread that I always loved. It’s firm, fine-grained, and chewy, with a rich taste and it only has three ingredients–whole wheat flour, water, and sea salt. I’ve eaten many a loaf of it and would buy four at a time so I wouldn’t run out. There’s half a loaf in the freezer right now and I could toast up a slice, smear it with avocado, and sprinkle it with sea salt but I’m not gonna. It doesn’t call to me, “Come get me! I’m yours!” Those bananas and romaine do, though, and I’d better go have my smoothie before much longer. My new Smart Stick came yesterday and it’s living in my desk drawer at work. I’ll be able to have fresh smoothies during the week at lunch now.

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