It’s been Monday all day long.

It’s been Monday all day long. My neighbor called this morning and said she wants to get some things for the Longest Yard Sale in the World and that reminded me that one of my most dreaded times is upon us.

Breakfast was a plum, a peach with some raw agave nectar, and a smoothie of bananas, the other half pear, and blueberries. Lunch was some almonds first, then watermelon which I took my half hour to eat, then I had my smoothie of bananas, mango, papaya, and lime juice at my desk. The power went off and since my office is windowless, I went outside to get some sun on my pale skin and drank it there. I’d taken some Mock Salmon Pate and Sweet Potato Crisps for the others to try but I didn’t eat any. Everyone who was brave enough to try them liked them. It puzzles me how people who will eat bug-looking things like lobsters are squeamish when it comes to trying raw vegan foods.

My friend, Nancy, brought me some tomatoes so I came home and made a batch of gazpacho.


The little man in the picture is a timer my mother gave me years ago. I had some roma tomatoes that Nancy had given me the other day so I used those, one of the red tomatoes she brought me today, and a yellow tomato that I already had. I chopped everything up with my Pampered Chef chopper and it did a good job. I peeled a cucumber and added it along with green pepper, the last two mild onions Nancy had brought me the other day, a small garlic clove, celery (organic from Wal*Mart), parsley, and NO SALT! I did have some of the Sweet Potato Crisps with the gazpacho so I got some salt there, but not much. I couldn’t eat more than maybe two-thirds of what I whipped up but I was still wanting something so I ate three small stalks of celery. That did it.

I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a year’s membership in Roger Haeske’s How to Go Raw. There is a tremendous number of resources there and I hope to get a lot (if not all) my questions answered. I’ve given the two-fer to my friend from church who is having such a hard time.

Frederic Patenaude just e-mailed me thanking me for my testimonial for his recipe book, Instant Raw Sensations, and for writing a positive review on Amazon. Since there had been a mixup and I was sent two copies of IRS and The Best Foods on the Planet and was allowed to keep them, I told him I’d probably already gotten what I deserved. I did tell him that if he thought that wasn’t enough, I’d like a copy of Sunfood Cuisine. That may be asking too much but I’ve been looking at it and someone has snapped up the $12 used copy that I was thinking about getting.

I felt so good today in spite of having to run to the bathroom quite a bit for some unknown reason. It wasn’t anything like a bug–just frequent. I’d added two to the pushups for a total of five this morning. Every time I went to the bathroom, I did 10 deep knee bends for a total of who-knows-how-many hundreds? Every time I did them, I felt energized. I plan to keep that up as long as there isn’t someone beating on the door, wanting in.

Better get to bed. It’s getting late.

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