Tom Selleck and I had our Saturday night date

Tom Selleck and I had our Saturday night date last night. It was the first of a two-parter from 1984. Next week will be the last episode on the set of DVDs and then I’ll have to find someone else to spend an hour with.

Breakfast was a tablespoon or so of Mock Salmon Pate on a couple of the Sweet Potato Crisps squares. Those things are addictive. I know that they are more fattening than I need so they have been put out of sight and I will eat them occasionally. After that had time to settle, I had a large slice of watermelon. I finished “breakfast” (it had gone on for awhile) with a smoothie of bananas, a Packham pear, and blueberries.

I got started on rearranging the kitchen after that. I moved everything off the counter on the right side of the sink. My beautiful red KitchenAid toaster is living in the spare bedroom closet now. I stood the cutting board on its end and made room to get the dish drainer out from underneath the sink where it’s resided for years. Since I’ve been eating raw, uncooked, fresh, whatever, washing dishes in the dishwasher has seemed a little unnecessary. I end up needing something that is in there and have to get it out, wash it, use it, rinse it, and put it back. So…now I am washing dishes and it’s no big deal with no pots ‘n pans. I cleared off the counter on the left side of the sink, moving the Cuisinart SmartStick to the counter on the right beside the dish drainer. I have a huge heavy fruit bowl that I put by the sink after I’d taken the canisters off. I left one canister with an assortment of bowl scrapers and a few of the utensils I still use.

Then I moved on to the stove. I took the burners and bowls out and gave the top and hood a good cleaning. I put the burners, etc., in the oven.

By that time, I was getting hungry for lunch so I started making a large salad. I was online and CallWave alerted me that my daughter was calling. I finished making my salad (spinach, arugula, Boston lettuce, parsley, onion, avocado, and cherry tomatoes dressed with the tomato mango dressing) and called her back. I put her on speakerphone so we could visit while I ate. I found out that, out of five people who started eating raw about the same time (my daughter, her husband, his parents, and me), I am the only one left doing it. When I told her what I’d done to the stove, she said, “You’re really serious about this raw thing, aren’t you?” I told her yes, I am. That if something makes me feel this good, I’m not going to quit.

After we’d talked about her new job (she thinks she’ll like it),their rooftop “garden” and a few other things, we hung up and I got back to working.

I finished moving everything off the counter to the left of the stove and the only things that are on there now are the Cuisinart and a bottle of hand lotion.

I’m through with my supper smoothie of the rest of the baby bananas, a regular banana, half a red pear, a peach, a red plum, a black plum, the other half mango, and a pluot.

My calorie count was 1230 today. Fat made up 18% of that and protein 6%. I haven’t had enough water and I can tell it.

I’ve started doing deep knee bends and push-ups. I did three push-ups today! They weren’t perfect but I did ’em. That was in addition to my BodyFlexing. My weight chart marker is moving from right on the line between “Moderate Overweight” and “Severe Overweight” more into the “Moderate” area. I have, officially (to my way of thinking, anyway) lost 24.5 pounds since the middle of May. If you add that to what I weigh now, you’d come up with what I weighed then. When I measured this morning, I’d lost 2.25″ for a total of 9″ over all.

The light bill came yesterday and it was a couple of dollars higher than last month. It’s been awfully hot, though, so my not cooking may have balanced it out.

It’s getting late in this part of the world. I started this a long time ago, it seems. I still need to clean the distiller and get it started makin’ water.

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  1. Roger Haeske August 1, 2005 at 1:17 pm #

    This is a great blog Tommie. I used to love watching Magnum P.I. myself. Though I never wanted to date Tom Selleck :-).

    Thanks for linking to my Superbeing Forum and

    That Mock Salmon Pate can taste just amazing. It’s very hard when you eat stuff like that to keep your total fat consumption down.

    But if you do it only once or twice per week, your overall weekly fat intake should be pretty good.

    Keep on exercising. Even doing just three pushups is a great start. When I first started doing them as a kid I couldn’t do much more than 1 or 2 in good form anyway.

    Just keep on plugging away and you’ll get stronger and fitter all the time. The more muscle you put on, the more fat you will burn.

    Thanks, Roger Haeske

  2. Tommie August 2, 2005 at 6:18 am #

    Thanks for the good comments. When I’ve made a batch of the pate, I always take it somewhere to share with people so I don’t have it all to eat. It is very tasty and it makes a good impression (though maybe a false one) about how good raw can be. I say false because it’s something that has to be eaten in moderation when other foods can be eaten freely. Gotta find the balance! (I’m a Karate Kid fan, too.)

    As for Tom Selleck, I wouldn’t know what to do or say if I met him in person but he is very easy on the eyes. Plus, he reminds me of my long gone husband.

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