Without further ado I will post

Without further ado I will post the pictures for my five week 100% mark. They ain’t purty but I don’t guess anyone would expect them to be. I call the first one

Full Frontal Fat

“Full Frontal Fat”.

This one is



You will note that the one on the right can hold her stomach in, even though it isn’t much. It’s progress! “If we aren’t making progress we are standing still.”

Breakfast was eaten while I was getting my food finished up for the guest dinner today. I had two baby bananas, a pluot, and a smoothie of two bananas, a pear, and blueberries.

Lunch was eaten while explaining why I wasn’t eating anything cooked. One of my good friends was sitting by me and her husband was across the table. He has cooked as a professional so I tried not to be offensive and talk about how yucky cooked food seems to me now. She seems to think that there are certain foods that she needs to avoid in their raw state and she may be right but some foods can be eaten raw with other raw foods that would make problems if part of them were cooked. I’m no expert but I can speak from personal experience that the original Weimar no refined foods diet gave me gas while all raw doesn’t appreciably do that. I still have some because I probably have refuse left over from eating cooked food for 61+ years. I’m not anxious to do a colon cleanse but I may have to before I can get completely cleaned out. That won’t be today, though.

A friend on the other side told me that she had eaten raw for a long time several years ago and had lost all sorts of weight and has never been able to gain it back. She was about the weight then that I would like to be someday but she probably wouldn’t hit 100 soaking wet now. I don’t know which variety of raw diet she was on. There are so many out there and it could have been any one of them. I’m not concerned about getting too thin at this point as you can see from my pictures.

Everything I took made a big hit except for the Date Nut Torte. I don’t know whether people didn’t like the way it looked or the way it tasted but there were only a few slices taken. I’d cut the slices very small because it is really rich. I didn’t go completely by the recipe because my daughter had made it and said it was too sweet. I cut down on the raisins by a little and put in the juice of a whole lime instead of half a lemon. I didn’t eat any yet but I tasted it when I was making it. I gave most of what was left to the pastor’s wife along with the rest of the dip (I have some in the fridge that wouldn’t fit in the container) and most of the Mock Salmon Pate. I gave her a baggie of crackers, too. There’s to be a work bee at the school tomorrow so I left most of the veggies for that.

The pastor’s wife told me that she needed to speak to me and I thought it was about getting my son’s phone number. That was only a small part of it. She’d been listening to me talk and said that she was starting a “supper club” and she wants me to come tell about my experience eating raw sometime. I’m not a public speaker but I guess I could share what I’m learning. She said that what I was saying made sense and one of the women who will be coming wants to lose weight. If the Lord wants me to do it, He’ll have to give me the words to say like He did Moses because I stumble and stammer in front of a group. Maybe He is helping me to find my niche.

Those crackers are pretty tasty. I may have to make them again. They are quite a process and I don’t think I should eat too many. I have probably blown my 1200 calories out of the water already today. When I’ve made that rich stuff, I’ve done it one thing at a time and not eaten much of it but I had two romaine rollups and a big spoonful of dip plus several crackers. I’ve been into them since I got home. I also had some strips of pepper, carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato slices, and watermelon. I need to slow down so I can eat some fruit for supper. I’m going to have a time figuring out how to enter my lunch on fitday.

I need to send out some links so I’ll post more later.

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