Thank God, it’s Sabbath!

Thank God, it’s Sabbath! Today was intense. We had an incident at work that I can’t go into but the police got involved. I’m as close to being tired as I have been since I’ve been eating uncooked, except for last night. I ended up getting to bed at 11:45 which is very late for me. I thought I would be out of it today but I wasn’t. I did sleep a little longer and didn’t BodyFlex as a result but I’ve felt fine. Stress can get to the best of us, though, and it’s about time for me to call it a day.

Breakfast was two baby bananas, a plum, and a smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and half a pear. Lunch was watermelon, another smoothie of bananas, the other half pear, and mango. The Sweet Potato Crisps had to be attended to. I took them off the sheets and cut some in cracker sized pieces, some into fourths, and left some whole. They are pretty tasty and I ate some of the scraps. I fixed Mock Salmon Pate and Matt’s dip for the guest dinner after church tomorrow. I licked the scrapers and containers and ended up feeling a little queasy with just that little bit of heavy food on an empty stomach. I stopped and fixed myself a large salad with (I’m hung up on this) the tomato-mango dressing. I haven’t figured up my food for the day but all the sampling probably put me over the top.

This is going to be it for tonight.

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