I won’t enumerate everything

I won’t enumerate everything I’ve eaten today. It’s pretty much more of the same. Fruit and more fruit, salad, a little Mock Salmon Pate, and a few almonds. I’m kind of hungry but it’s too late to eat now. I’m short something like almost 150 calories. My protein intake was 7% and fat was 14%. I don’t know what to do to increase the protein. I’ve been searching the WWW to see what might be high in protein and low in fat but there doesn’t seem to be anything that hasn’t been defatted.

My weight was the same as yesterday when I got up this morning. I am either gaining or I’ve plateaued but whatever it is, I hope it starts moving again. It would be interesting to get the scales at my friend’s house and these side by side and see if there is any difference. I’m going to go by this morning’s weight, anyway, to have a waypoint.

Better get busy. It’s getting later all the time. It usually does.

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