I’ve eaten mostly fruit today.

I’ve eaten mostly fruit today. I had four meals. Three smoothies, watermelon, a large green salad with the mango-tomato dressing, and one large romaine leaf rollup filled with a tablespoon of Mock Salmon Pate. That put me up to 10% fat for the day but only 7% protein so I still can’t get up to 10% protein without going ‘way over on the fat. Even though it’s good fat, it’s still fat.

I had two bananas and two Clementines smoothie midday, then went to Wal*Mart. After I got back, I made another smoothie of two bananas and two Clementines and drank it while I had my weekly visit with my daughter. A couple hours later, I had the large slice of watermelon. Supper was the green salad (I put in a small cucumber, too) with the yummy dressing. I’d sat down earlier and found that I could have a tablespoonful of the pate without going over 10%. It’s neat to be able to plan a meal with fitday and know that I’m okay eating something before I eat it instead of finding out after the fact. I went over by about 150 calories but they are carbs so I’m not worried.

I broke down and bought some scales so I can track my weight. It’s against everything that I’ve said in the past about not counting pounds but inches but I’m curious now about how much I’m losing.

It’s getting past what should be my bedtime so I’d better go.

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