I didn’t eat anything this morning

I didn’t eat anything this morning before I went to work, in preparation for my lab work. My glucose was a little high–111. The top of the reference range is 105. Cholesterol was 151 (top is 200), triglycerides 69 (top is 165), VLDL (very low density lipoprotein) 13.8 (top is 47), coronary risk 34.6 which means it’s unlikely that I will have a heart attack, LDL (low density lipoprotein) 85 (top is 130), and HDL (high density lipoprotein) 52.2 (range is 34.5 to 90.1). The last one is the “good” cholesterol and I’m somewhere in the lower middle.

After I got stuck–and it hurt when she pulled the needle out–I ate breakfast. I’d mixed up a smoothie of two bananas, half a pear, a peach, and blueberries. I also had about four teaspoons of sunflower seeds, a Clementine, and some cantaloupe. I have a pretty good knot on my arm and it’s bruised. I don’t think I’ll let that tech stick me any more.

Lunch was a salad so large that I shared it with one of the others in the break room. Later, she asked me what kind of dressing I had on it and she was surprised when I told her that it was lime juice. She really liked it and said that she would have never thought of using that on a salad. I also had some romaine leaves with Mock Salmon Pate. I’d taken enough to share and introduced several people to it. One of the girls got the recipe and everyone else liked it except for one girl who thought it was going to be sweet. That was a shock! I ate all the salad I could hold and brought the rest home.

I blended up the leftover salad and ate an ear of corn. After that, I had two bananas, the other half pear, the rest of the cantaloupe, and a Clementine. And therein lies a tale.

I went to the fitday website that I mentioned yesterday and signed up. I was curious to see how I was doing, nutritionally. I put in all the food I’d eaten today, even down to the parsley and onion. With all that, I still am 150 calories away from the 1200 I’m supposed to be eating. Fully 30% of what I ate was fat and 9% was protein. That’s high for fat and almost enough for protein. Complex carbs made up 60%. I don’t know where the other 1% is but I thought that was interesting. I need to get some sea veggies to up my protein without increasing the fat. I’ve been depending on nuts and seeds but they are high in fat, too. The avocado is fat but yummy. As I have been remembering more food, I’ve put it in and now I’m within 67 calories of my 1200 and the fat has gone to 29%, 62% carbs, and protein is still 9%. That does total 100% so the lost 1% was found. I am stuffed and I wouldn’t want to eat another bite. I put in my activities and I’ve burned almost 2400 calories today. No wonder a person can lose weight on a 100% raw diet!

I’ll have to save my list of things I’ve learned about this way of life for another time because I need to get to bed SOON! G’night!

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