Another day, another dollar

Another day, another dollar as my mother would have said. I went by her grave this afternoon and the caladiums were blowing in the breeze and enjoying the rain. They’ve had lots of that lately. I hadn’t realized that they bloom but there were several jack in the pulpit-type blossoms. Since the rain was coming down pretty briskly, I didn’t get out of the car.

Breakfast was a smoothie of two bananas, half a pear, a peach, and blueberries. I also had sunflower seeds and half a mango.

Lunch was a large salad, almonds, and some of the cantaloupe I brought home last night.

After work, I headed for Wal*Mart with the side trip to the cemetery. A fellow who used to work where I do is a greeter at Wally World. I did my shopping and after I was through, I stopped to talk to him for a few minutes. He’s past retirement age and is getting to be very health-conscious since he had to have open heart surgery a few years ago. He noticed I had a pineapple and I told him that nothing in the buggy would be cooked. He looked at me, kind of startled, and told me he and his wife had been looking at the Hallelujah Diet. He said, “They recommend 100% raw!” I told him that I’d been doing that for close to a month. He looked surprised and started telling me that his wife is diabetic and they wouldn’t know how to start. I’m afraid I don’t, either, but I’ll do some research and see if I can find out. I do know that the raw foods diet can reverse diabetes but I’m sure a diabetic would have to go about it differently than someone who doesn’t have that problem.

My Instant Raw Sensations came today and it has some really yummy looking recipes in it. I haven’t tried anything yet. There’s an interesting section in an additional booklet I got, “The Best Foods on the Planet”. It’s “How many calories do you need?” It says to take your ideal weight and multiply by 10 for a sedentary person. In raw food, that’s a lot. In cooked food, a person could reach that in a couple of meals, easily. There’s a web site,, that will track your calories, carbs, fat, protein, and nutrition and monitor your metabolism and activities. It’s free. They have a program that can be purchased for your PC but what you track online doesn’t cost anything.

When I got home, I had a smoothie with three small bananas, a peach, and Bing cherries. After that, I had probably 1/3 a mango. I’d gotten a large red pepper so I set up the Cuisinart and made a quick recipe of Mock Salmon Pate. I didn’t eat any of it unless you can count licking the bowl and taking one small taste. I’m going to be fasting for some blood work tomorrow. I’ll post the results. It’s Employee Health so it won’t cost anything. I do like free!

Oh, by the way, the material I got also said that the way you can tell if you are eating enough raw foods is if you don’t go to bed hungry, (I don’t) have enough energy to exercise and get through the day, (I do) are able to go 3-5 hours after a meal without feeling like you need to eat something else. (I can.)

So…I’d better brush my teeth and go to bed.

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