Day After Tomorrow isn’t so far-fetched

It’s sorta late but I got into watching a movie that one of the girls at work loaned me for the weekend. It was “Day After Tomorrow” and it isn’t so farfetched. As a matter of fact, it hits too close home with all the hurricanes that are hitting so early in the season.

I ate my fruit salad of two small bananas, a peach, half a pear, and some cherries while I watched the first part of the movie. The peach was the best I’ve had so far but it was still a little on the sour side. I ended up eating all the rest of the fruit and leaving it until last. I put some agave nectar on it and that helped.

I’m going a little backwards on this but my lunch today was corn on the cob, a large salad dressed with lime juice, and celery sticks with the rest of the Mock Salmon Pate. I was going to Wal*Mart and get ingredients to make more but my daughter had called and left a message for me to call her back so I did. She and her husband are going to stay 100% for a few more days while they have guests because one who is staying with them wants to learn to eat “uncooked”. I guess you could say that they are mentoring her.

Better go get ready for bed. Tomorrow it’s back to work!

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