Just call me James Brown.

Just call me James Brown. I feel good! Budda budda budda buh!

Supper yesterday was watermelon (it’s better than the others I’ve bought this year) and a smoothie of bananas, half a pear, papaya, and blueberries. The papaya didn’t blend up really well so it wasn’t hard to swallow it slowly since I had to chew every sip.

I kept my Saturday night “date” with Tom Selleck and then went on eBay to see what is being offered these days. I’m toying with the idea of getting a Champion juicer but not to juice but for the masticating feature. I used to have one but, because of storage limitations, I had it on the screened-in front porch of the house I used to live in and someone seemed to think it was their private “shopping” bazaar and came in and took it along with some other items. I don’t understand people like that. It’s still stealing, even if it isn’t behind a locked door. If it had been sitting in my front yard, it wasn’t theirs. If I knew who it was, I could send them the bill for another one.

Since I’d had a two hour nap yesterday afternoon, I got to bed later than usual. It wasn’t hard to get to sleep and I slept, with only two trips to the bathroom, until almost 8 o’clock. I figured, with the two hour nap, it was a total of over 10 hours. The second trip to the bathroom was about 3 1/2 hours after the first which was good. I’m still working on that bladder training.

Breakfast this morning was sunflower seeds, a smoothie (bananas, papaya, the other half pear, and blueberries). I blended the papaya with a small amount of distilled water in the VitaMix to try to break it up better. It did okay but there were still pieces of it. I don’t want to blend it until it’s heated. It made the smoothie thinner, too, and not as creamy. Next time, I’ll let the papaya ripen before I kill it. After I finished the smoothie, I munched on some cherries.

I measured first thing this morning and I’ve lost another 1.25″ for a total of 7.5″ since June 25. That’s three weeks. I must admit that I made the tape kind of snug but I could have recorded some astounding numbers if I’d sucked my gut in. I was getting four inches less on both my waist and lower abs that way. A week ago, it wouldn’t have made any difference to speak of.

Better go get some things done. I can’t get my cat to share in the chores at all.

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