I overslept this morning so breakfast was on the run. While I fixed my lunch I munched on a couple of bananas, a red plum, five almonds, and 1/3 avocado. No sunflower seeds!

Lunch was too much salad, corn chowder, and watermelon. I’d filled a plastic bowl with mixed baby greens and baby spinach, both organic. I put in some organic celery, red sweet pepper strips, jicama, tomato, and lime juice. I ate about 2/3 of the salad before I gave up. I ate the corn chowder and a few chunks of watermelon. I also fielded questions, as usual, about my new way of life. It’s hard for people to understand but I know how they feel because I was the same way.

One of the girls in my office said she can tell that I’m losing weight and another one asked me if I get hungry. I can truly say that I don’t get hungry unless I have been out for awhile, like I was yesterday, with nothing along to eat. I’d gone for about seven and a half hours without eating. I did get a little tired and my eyes were bothering me but I had plenty of energy. I didn’t really feel hunger pangs but I knew I needed to eat. When I did, I felt a lot better.

I came home from work today and blended up the leftover salad. Actually, it wasn’t half bad. I put some garlic in and it was very flavorful. I ate the watermelon from lunch, too, and then I cut up what was left in the fridge to make room for a whole one, ate some more (I’ll be up tonight), and then put the rest in a baggie and put it away for my lunch tomorrow. I made a smoothie of bananas, strawberries, pineapple, and some blueberries. I hope I can remember to incorporate more blueberries in my diet. They are supposed to be good for the eyes. I’m quite satisfied and am through eating for the day. My smoothie looked so much like the ones I have taken pictures of before that I decided not to be redundant and post one.

Some of the people I usually eat with think that it’s complicated to fix a lunch to bring to work. I told them it doesn’t take much time at all to throw a salad together. They sit and watch me eat (literally) while they are tanking up on food from the cafeteria that can barely be called edible. Even before I started on my transition, I didn’t eat much from there. Today, it was hamburger steak, baked potato, “salad” (if you can call a tiny bowl of lettuce, tomato, and radishes a salad), a roll, and a “no bake” cookie. The salad has to be drenched in dressing to give it any flavor. Today, the potatoes looked like they had been baked yesterday and reheated. I wouldn’t have eaten the hamburger steak, anyway. There is no way that any of the meals there could tempt me.

It blew the staff away that I would get all those goodies from Panera and not eat any. I’d put the lid on the tray so I couldn’t smell it because some of it did smell good. Not good enough to make me want to eat it, though. The smell actually bothered me in a way. I have known former smokers who get nauseous smelling tobacco smoke and it wasn’t unlike that.

This house isn’t going to clean itself so I’d better go take care of things.

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