I got up and BodyFlexed this morning. It’s available on DVD now and since my tape is beginning to show its age, I called the order line to see if I could get just the DVD but no! The only way I could get it was to pay for the whole thing again. The man said that he could send it to me for $32 plus shipping but I opted out. I went to eBay and got one that had been used maybe five times by a woman who said it wasn’t her “cup of tea”. It ended up being quite a bit less than the $32 and a whole lot less than $32 plus shipping. Sometimes the DVD works in my DVD player but it will work on my computer. Go figure. Anyway, I’m glad that it behaved the way it did this morning because it started on the “Getting Started” section. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have forgotten to measure in my rush to exercise. I lost 1.75″ overall in the past five days and four days of exercising. I was a little let down by that until I looked back (my previous measurements from last year are on the same spreadsheet) and saw a pattern. I’d lose 6″ in a week and then 1.5″ the next. That made me feel better. I BodyFlexed and then I spent some time on the NordicTrack and the HealthRider, too.

My watermelon, water, and juicy foods kept me running to the bathroom last night. I had to get up, on average, every two hours. Thankfully, I’m able to control my bladder on my own. When I had my first child, my bladder was traumatized and I’d had some trouble with urge incontinence ever since. My gynecologist put me on imipramine which is a mild anti-depressant to relax my bladder and it worked just fine for awhile. Then he put me on Detrol (Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now) and I was okay on it–for awhile. After that, my primary care physician put me on Detrol LA and, since it is a Tier 3 drug on my prescription plan, it was costing me $30 a month or roughly $1 per day. Since I’m within five years of retirement, unless They up the age again, I’m trying to get my expenditures down to a manageable level. I decided that Detrol LA would have to go. I got one more prescription refilled and I haven’t taken the first capsule. After a few days, I felt noticeably better and, except for maybe three times, I’ve had no problems. I consciously relax my bladder if it starts spasming and am able to make it where I’m going okay. I’ve noticed a difference since I’ve been on 100% uncooked (my sister agrees that it does sound better than RAW), too. Now I need to work on training my bladder.

Breakfast was two bananas, the other half mango, half a large pear (I used the peeler to peel both the mango and the pear), a kiwi, and a large slice of watermelon. I’ll see how the bladder training goes today!

My first laundry load is beeping at me so I’d better take care of it.

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  1. merm July 10, 2005 at 1:15 pm #

    Wow. You’re really faithful at blogging, you put me to shame. I can barely update mine once a week. It’s really interesting reading all the things you are thinking about and trying. And it’s great to hear that you’re feeling more energy too.

    My parents are both doing raw along with Samantha and I and they have both had positive results in their cholesterol and blood pressure levels. My dad is down to taking 1/2 of his blood pressure pill every other day, and my mom’s cholesterol has dropped to 167, from over 200.

    I can’t report anything major like that, but I am losing weight for sure and I don’t feel any “negative” side effects. Most diets I’ve done have negative side effects.

    Well. Thanks for the blog!

  2. Tommie July 10, 2005 at 7:51 pm #

    I think my faithfulness can be translated as procrastinating where other projects are concerned. 🙂 It’s more enjoyable than doing the things that have to be done.

    That’s amazing about your parents. I need to have some lab work done and have my BP checked so I’ll know where I am. My cholesterol wasn’t high. I think it was something like 170 the last time I had it checked but my BP has been borderline. It will be interesting to see what my TSH is, too.

    I did see that your blood pressure was in normal limits. That may not be a “big” thing to you, but it’s high blood pressure that can cause stroke even in young people. Weight loss is a favor to your heart.

    Keep on keeping on!

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