I’ve had my usual Saturday night date with Tom Selleck. My granddaughter gave me the first season of Magnum P.I. on DVD so I watch an episode every week.

I wasn’t particularly hungry after my large lunch which was probably quite high in fat with all the dip I ate but I had a fruit supper anyway. I have to get enough to eat this way or my metabolism will slow down. I had a Golden Delicious apple which was Golden but not very Delicious. Since the pesticides land on the skin of fruits, I’m going to be peeling them from now on. I seem to like the ones that are very high in pesticide contamination. When I die, I guess the worms that eat me will die, too. I used a Pampered Chef peeler to peel the apple and it is as good as my middle sister thinks it is. She had gone on and on about how wonderful it was until I got one for myself and then I got some for my DILs and my daughter. After the apple, I ate a banana and a kiwi. I forgot that I’d had a couple of kiwis for supper yesterday.

If I’m going to get to bed at a reasonable hour I need to do it now. I hadn’t mentioned that I’m sleeping well which is a good thing. During the healing phase of the raw (uncooked) program, it isn’t unusual for the body to need extra sleep and I don’t seem to tolerate less than eight hours.


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