It’s been a L O N G day. I got up at my usual time and, as I’d thought, I didn’t have time to BodyFlex. My breakfast was a little scant–sunflower seeds, two small bananas, and a nectarine. Not really enough to last me until noon. Plus, it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was blowing hard. There were flood warnings, though I didn’t have any problems where I was going. When I got to the parking lot I usually go to, the entrance was blocked so I went up and parked in Nursing’s lot up on a steep hill. Walking down, I was glad that I’m in better shape than usual. The wind blew my umbrella wrong-side out twice. I was carrying my lunch, a water bottle, and a bag with two certificates so I could get my badge updated with some initials after my name. After I got that done, I was still somewhat early for the class. They always have goodies at these things and today was no exception. There was a big plate of doughnuts of every variety–chocolate covered, cream filled, lemon filled, plain glazed, crullers, whatever. A big bowl was full of cereal bars and granola bars. There was row after row of different sodas. I looked at it and went and sat down and felt righteous.

At lunchtime, I decided to go to the main facility and pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy. A couple of my classmates invited me to sit with them at lunch so they went to get their food and I joined them at a table in an area called The Plaza. It’s a big area with tables and chairs where you can eat either food from the cafeteria or your own lunch. I did the latter. Since lots of people eat salads, there were no comments except for when I offered them some almonds. One of the women said that she wouldn’t take any but she did understand that they are good for keeping cravings at bay and they have good oils. I didn’t have time to eat my cherries.

My glasses have been bothering me to the point that I didn’t wear them to the class. I wore my reading glasses when I needed to see up close and they were bothering me, too, so my eyes were very tired by the time I got out.

The sun was coming through the clouds when I was on my way up the hill to the car. I was carrying everything I’d had in the morning plus a FranklinCovey Planning System Kit. It must’ve weighed 15 pounds by itself. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration but it is heavy. Once again, I was glad for the diet and exercise of the last couple of weeks.

I broke my own rule when I was on my way home–no eating in the car. I broke out the cherries and munched them as I threaded my way through rush hour. At least they weren’t messy like some snack foods and I sure felt better with some more food in my stomach.

After I’d stopped a couple of places to get things I’d need for the weekend, I went by my mother’s grave. She would be distressed by my latest foray into trying to be a healthier person. The caladiums I’d planted were up and enjoying the sunshine.

I made some corn chowder when I got home but I think it was a little heavy on an empty stomach.

I just had a small banana and a nectarine and that’s it for the day.

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