It’s been a long day but it’s about over. I have made some progress getting my programs back on my computer so I’ll be able to finally sit down and update quickly. I need to go to bed soon because I have to be in class before I usually leave for work and it’s an hour and a little more away.

My breakfast was sunflower seeds, two bananas, a nectarine, and some cantaloupe. Lunch was almonds and a salad–lettuce, spinach, parsley, celery, green onion (I’m finding that the usual slicing onion is too strong now), avocado, and tomato. Supper was two bananas, a nectarine, and a bowl of cherries. (Life is just?)

I’m doing this like an alcoholic does AA, one day at a time. I get up in the morning with the resolve that I am going to do it for that day and don’t make myself promises that I may not be able to keep. I would love to be able to say that I will always do it but nothing is set in stone. I’m sure that I will “cheat” from time to time but I haven’t been tempted to yet. At the beginning, for four days, I purposely ate some cooked food (a boiled egg a day and one time a slice of Gimme Lean) because I was uneasy about depending only on raw food. There were a few slight headaches and a day or two that I had some “spacey” feelings but I’m past that now and feel unbelievably good. Today, I had to squelch a compulsive urge to skip down the hallway! Power walking is one thing, but I don’t think anyone would look kindly on skipping.

I’d gone through my clothes and put the ones I couldn’t get into in the closet in another bedroom so I got them out tonight and washed them. I probably can’t wear them yet but there’s hope. I wore a dress yesterday that I hadn’t had on in probably a couple of years. It was still a little snug when I sat down but I was able to fit into it!

This is getting longer than I’d planned. I probably won’t have time to BodyFlex tomorrow but I try to do the deep breathing before I go to sleep and that’s something I can even do while I’m driving. Better hit the hay!

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