One of my friends from work called to let me know that another of the supervisors had had a heart attack at church yesterday and died. It’s unbelievable. She was 48 years old–13 years younger than me. I called the registrar who is working today and she said that a blood clot had gone to her heart. It’s quite sobering to have someone so close gone. We had been teasing her the other day because she was getting her hair cut shorter and shorter every time she went to the beauty shop. I told her if she didn’t stop, it would be short as mine. It won’t be now. She was such a cheerful person. She was quiet, compared to some, but she always had a big smile for everyone. Her job was a high-pressure one, as most are in healthcare. She was a little on the heavy side but not as much as I am. It makes me wonder what she may have been doing that I’d better stop. I’ve been praying for her family. Her funeral is tomorrow. I seem to spend more and more time going to viewings, memorials, and funerals, but I guess that’s what happens, the older I get. The scary thing is, she wasn’t old.

I’ve been having computer problems so this may go down the drain before I’m able to save it. I uninstalled the last program I’d put on here but it didn’t seem to do any good. My SIL has told me it’s time to format so I got out my portable hard drive and transferred everything I don’t want to lose. I won’t start on it tonight but it will be sometime soon. It won’t be tomorrow, either, because of the funeral.

I left my son’s place after I’d eaten breakfast (sunflower seeds, banana and cantaloupe). It seems like I had something else, too, but I don’t remember what it was if I did. I stopped by my older son’s place and visited for a little while. My son was working but I was able to see the Birthday Girl (she’s officially 10 now), her mother, and the relatives who are visiting. It was pretty late in the morning but they hadn’t had breakfast yet. They were going to go to the store and get something so I took that as my cue to leave. I worked my way back home, stopping at just about every place that has fresh produce, including one little one beside the road that was just blocks and boards. I got some “local” (as in about 50 miles away) tomatoes and a watermelon there. The college store that had the good cantaloupe was closed so I had to pay a little more for some at another place. I went to two supermarkets, the stand, and Wal*Mart. No telling how much I spent. I paid cash everywhere except Wally World.

When I got home, the light in the kitchen wasn’t starting the way it should (I have full spectrum fluorescents in here) so I got out the stepladder and fixed it. I was amazed that I had the energy to do it. Before, I would have put it off until I’d eaten because I was pretty hungry and then I might not have felt up to doing anything about it.

I’ve been thinking about all the things I won’t be eating and tomato sandwiches came to mind. I decided that I would take care of that so I got some iceburg lettuce (I know. No nutritional value.) and put a couple of big leaves on a plate. I took the largest tomato and sliced a couple of slices and put them on the lettuce. I’d gotten one white onion so I tore into it and put two thin slices on the tomato. I had a burpless cucumber, too. Some of that went on the plate (not part of the “sandwich”) and I sprinkled everything with dulce flakes. I also had 1/3 an avocado–my first today. I ended up eating the lettuce, tomato, and onion over the sink because it was pretty juicy. I didn’t miss the bread. Many times I have taken the middle of the sandwich out and eaten it because the bread would have gotten soggy. I’d seldom put mayo on it, either.

Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

Click on the picture to open full size.

The 4th of July needs corn on the cob. I had gotten some nice corn on one of my stops. I shucked an ear, washed it, and ate it. It hit me why I haven’t ever really cared for corn on the cob. It usually gets overcooked and is either watery or waxy. This was juicy, tender, and had snap to it. Watermelon is another staple. I got into it and had a couple of slices. I wash it really well, then cut the stem end off. That gets eaten with a spoon or fork. After it’s hollowed out, I cut a round piece off and put it on a plate. I cut around the rind and lift it off the plate. That leaves the read meat in the center. That gets cut across and then turned and cut into squares. It’s the easiest way to eat it. Not a bit traditional, but who said I’m traditional? What’s left is covered on the cut end with plastic wrap and put in the fridge.

Lunch was late but early enough for me to eat supper, too. I had two bananas, some beautiful Bing cherries (the nicest ones I’ve seen this side of Nebraska and the ones we used to get from Idaho), and cantaloupe. I’m good for the day.

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