Here, I am, sitting on the floor and updating this for the last time until I get home where I can do it in comfort. Then, anyone who reads it will be in for it!

I went to the local college store and was disappointed by what they had to offer. They did have some nice cantaloupe for 99 cents each so I got one and will stop and get more today. I was hoping for a larger selection of fruit and veggies but what they had, besides cantaloupe and bananas, was too expensive to stock up on. I got some baby carrots (my DIL had some, too, and took them to work with her–great minds), a couple of different organic salad packages, and a few other things. I can get more at Wally World that is cheaper and better quality than I found there. The corn looked worse than what I already had.

After my sunflower seed and fruit breakfast, I had a salad lunch followed by corn chowder. The corn was still sweet. I made a double batch so my DIL could try it. She is skeptical of anything that has to do with food so I was quite gratified when she ended up eating about 2/3 of one serving. I think she would have eaten the rest if she hadn’t been concerned that I wouldn’t have enough.

All that I had for supper was a fruit salad which I ate sitting on a park bench beside the front door. It was quite late and the lightning bugs were out. My granddaughter was “catching” them–actually, she hasn’t gotten the knack of catching. She is ecstatic if they are still able to move after she has “caught” them. She’s pretty coordinated for someone who is three months away from being four. Anyway, I ate while my son set off a bunch of fireworks and we ooh’ed and ahh’ed over them. They were really nice. He had gone to a lot of expense to put on a good show.

When I got up to stay this morning, I discovered that I’m down by another pound. I may have to buy some scales on the way home. Then again, I may just weigh at work.

I opened the microwave to heat up my water and there were cream horns and some sugar wafers in it to help them stay fresh. They smelled so good but I thought, “There are flowers that smell good that I don’t eat” and I just enjoyed the smell.

I’ve about gone as far as I can with this in my position so this is it until I’m back at my own little “desk” in my kitchen.

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