The phone jack doesn’t work in the family room and my DIL doesn’t have a wireless hub so I’m on her computer right now. I’m sitting on the floor so this will be short.

When I got up this morning, I was down by another 2.5 pounds but I figure that it’s still an eleven pound weight loss because of the time of day that I’ve always weighed. I’ll use this morning’s total as my official weight, though.

I forgot to put the corn in the fridge so it may be a loss. I wanted to fix some corn chowder for lunch but we’ll see. I may run to the store and get some if this isn’t okay to eat. My DIL is very interested in the raw food thing, though she doesn’t think she could do it long term. She had done the Beverly Hills diet several years ago and it turned her against fresh pineapple and that’s one thing I put in my fruit salad last night.

It hasn’t been hard to stay raw. I’m not trying to make things to substitute for familiar foods but have just turned my back, at least for now, on them. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up or for how long but the looser clothes and the scales are inspiring!

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