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I’ve just finished eating supper

I’ve just finished eating supper and I had a hard time packing in enough watermelon, tomatoes, peach, banana, and mango to get within 25 calories or so of my target. It still seems strange to make sure I get enough to eat after trying not to eat too much. I did go over on my […]

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Without further ado I will post

Without further ado I will post the pictures for my five week 100% mark. They ain’t purty but I don’t guess anyone would expect them to be. I call the first one “Full Frontal Fat”. This one is “Twins.” You will note that the one on the right can hold her stomach in, even though […]

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Thank God, it’s Sabbath!

Thank God, it’s Sabbath! Today was intense. We had an incident at work that I can’t go into but the police got involved. I’m as close to being tired as I have been since I’ve been eating uncooked, except for last night. I ended up getting to bed at 11:45 which is very late for […]

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I had more time to eat breakfast

I had more time to eat breakfast because I didn’t fix a lunch. I had a nectarine, a plum, a pear, half a mango, and a smoothie of two bananas and some blueberries. My manager didn’t get in touch with me before I left work so I figured that we were probably going to Kanpai. […]

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I’d been reading last night

I’d been reading last night about how the raw diet improves one’s skin and I woke myself up, rubbing my arms and thinking how smooth they feel. They don’t, but it’s nice to dream. Breakfast was eaten while I was getting my lunch ready. I had watermelon, a red plum, a nectarine, and a smoothie […]

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I’ve been having computer problems

I’ve been having computer problems so I called my favorite tech, my SIL. So far, so good. He looked up some resources on the WWW that, hopefully, have helped. At least, I haven’t gotten the Blue Screen of Death in a few minutes. The only nuts I’ve had today are almonds, and that not very […]

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I won’t enumerate everything

I won’t enumerate everything I’ve eaten today. It’s pretty much more of the same. Fruit and more fruit, salad, a little Mock Salmon Pate, and a few almonds. I’m kind of hungry but it’s too late to eat now. I’m short something like almost 150 calories. My protein intake was 7% and fat was 14%. […]

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I’ve eaten mostly fruit today.

I’ve eaten mostly fruit today. I had four meals. Three smoothies, watermelon, a large green salad with the mango-tomato dressing, and one large romaine leaf rollup filled with a tablespoon of Mock Salmon Pate. That put me up to 10% fat for the day but only 7% protein so I still can’t get up to […]

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I got up and measured

I got up and measured and I’ve lost another inch and a half. I’m losing more in my lower body than I am my upper. It’s slow going but at least I’m making progress. After I BodyFlexed, I spent some time on the Nordic Track and Healthrider. I was wondering how many batteries the latter […]

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